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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (UPDATE: RedHat Takes Over OpenJDK 6) - 3/7/13

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (UPDATE: RedHat Takes Over OpenJDK 6) - 3/7/13

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RedHat Becomes OpenJDK 6 Project Lead
RedHat has taken a seat on the OpenJDK board and will become the project leader for the last version of OpenJDK. Here's what Daniel Thompson, our source at RedHat, had to say: "The transition means continued support for organizations running OpenJDK 6 and a potentially attractive and cost-effective alternative for current Java SE 6 users facing support fees now that Java SE 6 has passed its end-of-life date for public updates."

So essentially, if you really, really loved Java SE 6 and don't want to move off of it, RedHat will still help you avoid support fees. This calculated move by RedHat makes sense with all of the tooling they create around every version of standard Java.

Matt Groening's Early Work for Apple
A year before the first season of The Simpsons, when Matt Groening was best known as the artist of underground comic Life in Hell, he helped Apple try to woo college students:

Open Source GIS Tools for Spatial Data
OpenShift's Steven Citron-Pousty blog continues his series of posts on geographical data visualization, this time with a focus on QGIS, GDAL, and Python.

AWS vs. Google Compute Engine Costs
Here's a collection of easy-to-read tables for comparing monthly costs of various services provided by AWS and Google compute engine.

A Queer History of Computing
This in-depth article about Alan Turing is the first in a series foregrounding neglected quarters of technology history -- like the intersection between the technical and the sexual. 

The Next Big Thing™ is Software Defined Networking
A great overview of ‘SDN’ is over on Aaron Delp’s live blog of ApacheCon.  This tech is going to put an end to the tedious "log into every box" idea of network maintenance.  Update: Here's a download link for the slides.


SHIELD Can't Fix the US Patent Troll Problem All by Itself  
If the new SHIELD (Saving High-Tech Innovators from Egregious Legal Disputes) bill in the US Congress passes, many copyright reform advocates say it will only solve the ‘back end’ of a ‘front end’ problem. While it will force trolls to pay for the cases they lose, which may deter a few more cases, it still may not prevent the wasted resources resulting from continued court struggles. The bigger fixes need to be made in the US patent system so that these cases can’t go to court in the first place.


Sudo Make Me a Flawless Martini 
A Kickstarter to give the Raspberry Pi bar-tending lessons, leveling it up to Bartendro the Cocktail Robot. Raising the odds that Skynet will at least pour you a shot before the end.

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