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Mad Customers: Java 7 "Silently" Deletes Java 6 
The CTO of JNBridge, Wayne Citrin, took the opportunity during this Oracle/Java-critical climate to write a detailed post about how Oracle's latest automatic Java update is breaking software dependency paths by deleting Java 6 and installing 7 in a different location.  He's particularly peeved that Oracle doesn't clearly tell you that it's doing this.

Uncle Bob Martin Responds to Ted Neward on Craftsmanship Elitism
Clean Code author Bob Martin responded to Ted Newards tworecent posts about the "Dark Side" of software craftsmanship.  

TED Talk: Let's Teach Kids to Code
Preach it, Mitch!  Not sure if this video is new, but it was uploaded to youtube very recently


Buy Microsoft's 64GB Surface Pro and Get Only 23GB Free  
This is just crazy.  I think the blogger has a point.  The FTC should take action and make a case for false advertising.  That's only 35% of the advertised storage that you will actually get to use.

Most Ruby Deploys on Heroku Get Temporarily Disabled 
A malicious gem was found on Rubygems.org that potentially had access to sensitive data so Heroku is temporarily disabling Ruby deploys except for apps that can insole all of their gems from prior deployments.

Sublime Text 3 in Beta Has Some Big Surprises, Possibly Unpleasant  
The much-beloved editor Sublime Text is on the verge of releasing it's next major version.  It's one of the most popular editors out there so it's definitely worth it to take a look at what new features are coming, but also to see if you'd like the awesome features it already has.  Some changes, though, may be unwelcome.  They include a major move to Python 3.3 for plugins and an $11 price hike.

Stanford Used 1,572,864 Compute Cores to Predict…
Supersonic jet engine noise…  Ok, so it doesn't seem like the coolest thing you could do with that ungodly amount of cores, but I bet it could be useful for research that might lead to the return of supersonic commercial flights.  Fluid dynamics are incredibly complex.


Find Out If Your Developers Have a Lot of Anger Bubbling Beneath the Surface 
When developers are angry, it shows in their code.  See this example:
$ git log --pretty=format:'%s' | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'
       | tr '[:space:]' '\n' | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
       | grep -iE "(fuck|shit|bitch|damn|piss)"
Thankfully, there's a command that can find all the cussing in your project git logs.

Plotting Internet Explorer Market Share vs US Murder Rate 
I know correlation doesn't imply causation, but there might be something to this...

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