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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013.03.14)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013.03.14)

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The Effective Engineer’s Handbook
You don’t need to read dozens of books to be an effective engineer.  Just stick to following these three pieces of advice.

MySQL vs. NoSQL vs. Postgres vs. SQL Server
This writer took a look at the popularity of various search terms in order to determine which technologies have grown or declined in popularity since 2005.  He also provides some interesting thoughts on the current state of SQL vs. NoSQL solutions.

AWS Management Console Now on iOS
It was already available for Android devices, but now you can stay up to date on EC2 instances, CloudWatch alarms, your total service charges, and the status of AWS services from an iPhone, too.


Andy Rubin Steps Down As Android Project Lead
While everyone was watching the chimney on top of the Sistine Chapel, Google made some news of its own.  Andy Rubin, who has nursed the Android OS from its infancy into the most popular mobile OS in the world, is stepping down from the project. His next stop may be Google’s X Lab, where they are inventing self-driving cars, Google Glass, and other things that they read about in sci-fi novels.

Amendment Opens the Way to Netflix Social
With the amendment of the Video Privacy Protection Act in December 2012, Netflix can now share your viewing history with, say, your Facebook friends through the Netflix Social feature. You can choose not to share certain videos, and your friends won’t see your queues. The amended bill -- originally applied to video rental stores -- will allow similar features from other rental services, so you should expect to see social-ized RedBox and Amazon Video any day now.

Humorous/Cool Stuff

Source: xkcd

Some programming humor from XKCD.

This Monkey Controls a Robot with Its Thoughts


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