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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/21)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/21)

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Eric Meyer and Paul Irish Express Differing Views on CSS’s @supports

Meyer believes that the @supports rule in CSS causes a lot of confusion and grief, but in the comments you’ll see that Paul Irish doesn’t agree with some of the antagonism of @supports.

Mozilla: Users Don’t Like Social Login

Login with Facebook. Or Twitter, or Github. You see it more and more, sometimes exclusively. Mozilla introduces a login alternative that prioritizes users’ control over the information they share with web applications: Mozilla Persona.


Developers Kicked Out of PyCon and One Fired For Inappropriate Jokes

There’s a lot of controver-sation going on around this news.  The link above is from the evangelist who brought the situation to PyCon’s attention. This other link from pastebin confirmed that one of the developers had also been fired from their company.

Google App Engine 1.7.6 Release

The latest release of GAE includes a new billing system, a full text search API, asynchronous methods, and an overhaul to the Python dev_appserver.

Twitter Wins Patent on Twitter-like Applications

The US Patent Office has granted Twitter a patent on Twitteresque services. Does this mean Twitter’s about to Hulk out into a musclebound patent troll, or are they simply taking preemptive measures? Time will tell, but this post from the Twitter Engineering Blog details how they intend to protect the inventors in their employ.

Google Reveals First Expansion of Google Fiber

Google has gotten official approval for its first official expansion of Google Fiber. The Kansas City Suburb of Olathe, with a population of 125,000, will be the next area to gain access to Google’s high speed fiber infrastructure.

It's the first time in a long time that people in the US have been jealous of Kansas.


Apollo F-1 Engines Recovered from Atlantic ocean floor

This is super cool.  Apparently Bezos, as a young boy, had always wondered where the Apollo rockets had landed.

Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight Prototype and Test

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