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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/26)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/26)

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AppBackplane - Framework for Multiple App Architecture Support

AppBackplane is built to reveal the moving messages "hidden" behind applications.  

The Computer Science of JavaScript  

"In this article we'll take a look at Angular Directives. What they are, what problem they solve, and how you can create your own reusable components..."


White House Shares Web API Standards

First the White House shared its mobile apps on GitHub, and now it’s releasing its web API standards:

This document provides guidelines and examples for White House Web APIs, encouraging consistency, maintainability, and best practices across applications. White House APIs aim to balance a truly RESTful API interface with a positive developer experience (DX).

Digg Wants to Replace Google Reader

After soliciting feedback on what would make an ideal Google Reader replacement, Digg is undertaking a “mildly insane sprint” to complete that very replacement, presumably before July 1st. You can sign up to receive news on the progress.

Tools and Snippets


Need to walk users through your site’s features? This little script helps you do the job with stupendous ease.

Columnar Storage for Hadoop
Want to take advantage of the repetition/definition level approach to encoding such data structures used by Google Dremel? Parquet will help you do that with any project in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Humor/Cool Stuff

Conway’s Law of Starship Captains
Can Conway’s Law of systems be applied to people? Let’s test it on starship captains.


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