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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/28)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/28)

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Today’s Post:

Why Computer Talents Become Computer Hackers
Basically, it's because they're so talented that schools let them get away with hacking (we're talking about the bad kind here).  That, and they're not challenged enough by other pursuits.

Mozilla and Epic Port Unreal Engine 3 to JavaScript
The link leads to Bananabread, an in-browser demonstration of a joint effort by Mozilla and Epic to bring Unreal Engine 3 into websites via ultra-optimized JavaScript.


Mozilla Distributes Persona
“With Persona, you can log into web sites using the email address of your choice. The first time you use an email, our servers send you a confirmation link . . .”

Report claims that Google Glass will be manufactured in the U.S. 
Along with Lenovo and Apple, Google will also bring some manufacturing back to the US, allegedly...

Big DDoS Slows Down a Lot of Sites
The ongoing spat between webhost Cyberbunker and anti-spam group Spamhaus escalated into what BBC News called “the biggest [DDoS] attack in history.” This impacted web services around the world and, in the words of Cloudflare, “almost broke the Internet.” Netflix was down for a while, and then it wasn’t.

Humor/Cool Stuff

Could We Retrieve Voyager I?
Say we came to regret reaching out to the cosmos with the Voyager I probe. Could we, er, bring it back? Randall Munroe outlines what it would take.

Programmer Jokes
Why did the Integer drown?  ‘Coz he couldn’t Float!  Click through if you wanna groan some more.

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