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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013/4/09)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013/4/09)

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Why Google’s Purchase of WhatsApp Would Really Tick Off Facebook

Introducing Tabula, a human-friendly PDF-to-CSV data extractor
Anyone will tell you that extracting data from .pdf files can be a pain, mainly because .pdfs tend to work as electronic paper copies of existing documents rather than as coherent text files. 


Struts 1 is Laid To Rest
It’s been a great run, Struts 1.  We’ve had some good times.  And even though Struts 2 did a lot more, some companies still decided to stick with you.  We’ll always remember you fondly Struts 1.  Rest in peace.

Neo4j Reaches a Milestone
The latest iteration of the popular Java graph database reached a milestone on Monday.


A frontend framework for web apps focusing on speed and simplicity, using CouchDB for document-based storage. Should be interesting to watch.

Don’t Double Up
Or triple up, or quadruple up. CSSCSS is a neat tool for finding duplicated css rules, helping you streamline a site’s code.


Git Koans
Zen koans... for Git.

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