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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Apr. 23)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Apr. 23)

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Learn how to move from MongoDB to Couchbase Server for consistent high performance in distributed environments at any scale.

A collection of JavaScript patterns
This is a list of TONS of JavaScript patterns and antipatterns that covers function patterns, jQuery patterns, jQuery plugin patterns, design patterns, general patterns, literals and constructor patterns, object creation patterns, code reuse patterns, DOM and browser patterns.

Looking for ‘Superior Technology’ Only Distracts You
Here’s an interesting perspective from someone who remembers when Modula-2 was going to be the next big thing.

5 Ways North Carolina Bill Puts the Crowd Back Into Crowdfunding 
DZone is based out of Cary, NC, so it was exciting to see how the state legislature is trying to tackle the issues surrounding crowdfunding's potential contributions to startups and small businesses.  


The Digital Public Library of America is Open
The Digital Public Library of America is open and beautiful -- with “maximally open” APIs and a huge push to get developers working with their data.


jQuery 2.0 Released
You can download full and minified versions of jQuery 2.0 now.

Announcing TokuDB v7: Open Source and More 
The free Community Edition is fully functional and fully performant. It has all the compression you’ve come to expect from TokuDB.


What happens when you wring out a washcloth IN SPACE!

Want to deliver a whole new level of customer experience? Learn how to make your move from MongoDB to Couchbase Server.


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