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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 2)

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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 2)

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How Lego is Constructing the next Generation of Engineers
With programmable robots and competitions for students, Lego is making it cool to tinker with machines again.

Quora Releases a New Version of their Site Around 46 Times a Day
Sound crazy?  See how Quora does it by checking out that link on engineering.quora.com.

Achieving Sublime Text Perfection
We’re big fans of Sublime Text 2, in part because it doesn’t take much to get up and coding effectively. But this great quick-start guide from Drew Barontini helps you customize and expand Sublime Text to your heart’s content.

The McDonalds Technique
Have you ever tried to get suggestions by making the first suggestion one that everyone will hate?  It’s quite magical because it always works.

Why Search Engine's Can't Replace Teachers (Yet) 
A college programming teacher reflects on how students' limitations keep them from being able to self-educate using the internet.  


Google’s Webfonts Come to the Desktop
Webfonts has already done wonders for web typography, and now you can easy download favorite fonts locally. The really cool thing, though, is that Monotype’s Skyfonts tool keeps your local versions synced with the webfont, so you keep up-to-date when characters are added, and load fonts more quickly when you’re browsing. 


The World’s Tiniest Movie: Coming to a molecule of carbon near you!
Researchers at IBM use individuals atoms to film world’s smallest stop-action movie.  You can see how the movie was made by going here. 

The world’s first braille smartphone
Indian engineer Sumit Dagar is developing the world’s first smartphone for the blind. 

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