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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/4/13)

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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/4/13)

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Apple Blocks Java on Mac 
Looks like Apple has blocked Java for the 2nd time this year, and it's only been a month!  This time they're reacting pro-actively to potential threats rather than to a proven threat as they did the first time.  Oracle's trying hard though - thier February patch is out.

Microsoft Possibly Planning to Phase Out XNA and DirectX 
An email was sent to all of the DirectX and XNA MVPs this week informed that they are no longer needed because the two technologies are no longer evolving.  Although they may just be trying to collect thing under their apps store, I hope this isn't bad news for guys like Simon Jackson, who's been a major player in the XNA community. 

Berners-Lee: You Should Have The Right to Root on Your Machine 
Sir Tim Berners-Lee had some interesting points to make at the Linux.conf.au 2013 conference about how much control you relinquish in the heavily-walled mobile ecosystems.

Global Transfers on AWS Just Got Cheaper
Amazon just lowered the prices for their M3 instances and lowered bandwidth prices.  It's all there in a convenient table on their blog.


CS Trends for PhDs 
Some interesting trends from the Taulbee Survey.  PhD enrollments of US nonresidents was at an all time high, 57%.  Almost half of the students who finished and graduated were also nonresidents.

Is User-Centric Design Limiting Designers 
I like an article that challenges preconceptions.  This one tackles user-centered design.   

Developers Review OUYA SDK 
Engadget has a great interview with several lucky developers who got a chance to play with the OUYA and build games for it before the rest are shipped in March.  Now we get to find out how the OUYA development kit measures up.


Steve Jobs "Was Always Cooler Than Me," says Gates
This was a quote from a recent interview Bill Gates did on the Colbert Report.  Gates also added he was the "geekier" one.  Oh sure, Bill.  You're like one of us ;)  Check out his 2013 annual letter, though.  It's pretty legit.

Bill, you were such a rebel

But not compared to this guy (it's Jobs, looking like he's ready to lead a biker gang)

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