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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/5/13)

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Learn NoSQL for free with hands-on sample code, example queries, tutorials, and more.  Brought to you in partnership with Couchbase.

A Bookmarklet to Switch Your Backgrounds at Will 
I'm giving this bookmarklet my 'tool of the week' honors.  Not that I've really made a trend out of that, but you should know that this is uncommonly cool.

1 Important Tip to Become a Successful Software Engineer 
You're paid to think, not to type.  

Something to Remember About JSON.stringify() 
Some useful points to supplement our newly released Core JSON Refcard .

A System for Simply Relational DB Sync 
This should be helpful to anyone who is struggling to design a simple system for syncing heterogeneous collections of databases without a prepackaged replication solution.

The Best Heatmap JavaScript Viz Yet
Check out the smooth performance of the live version as you scroll down the page and you'll see what I mean.

Your love is like a HEAT WAAAVE!


Brown University Programming Languages Course Materials 
On the Brown University website you can find their lecture videos and slides for their Programming Languages course.  That's a pretty amazing resource coming from a prestigious university like Brown.

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013: What Competitors Did in the First Round 
A participant programmer in the 2013 Facebook Hacker Cup just posted a detailed blog about the challenge that was set before competitors in round one.  How do you think you would stack up?

Gradle 1.4 Polishes Reporting Speed 
Check out the new features in the latest version of Gradle. 


How to Keep Your Kids From Yelling Too Loudly When Playing Computer Games
This user wins my 'Father of the Week' award. 

The Getting Started with NoSQL Guide will get you hands-on with NoSQL in minutes with no coding needed. Brought to you in partnership with Couchbase.


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