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DZone Meetup Strikes Sofia, Bulgaria!

After 2 hugely successful DZone VIP meetups in Cary, NC (USA) and Colombo, Sri Lanka, a third meetup concluded last month in Sofia, Bulgaria - organized by one of DZone's team members, Jordan Jambazov.  Here's an excerpt from him about the meetup:

"The event was kindly hosted by the guys from InitLab. About 25 people attended and we started with a Spring MVC presentation shown by Bozhidar Bozhanov [a DZone Most Valuable Blogger]. After the presentation we spent the rest of the time talking and networking. Attendees included Java, Python, Ruby and PHP top level developers. From the feedback I received, everyone really liked the conversations they had. What I liked most about the event was that everybody was eager to help with the organization, for example the guys from InitLab who gave us a place for free or Bozhidar who came and made the presentation despite his busy schedule. I feel like this was the start of a new DZone community in Sofia, for me it was a big success."

Jordan also got pictures at the event and shared a kind email that he received from one of the attendees, Ivan St. Ivanov.

"The Bulgarian Geeks community needs programming events! In the last few years besides the big Java 2-day conference and the occasional events of the Bulgarian JUG, I didn't have the chance to attend too many Java shows. Now thanks to the DZone VIP Meetup in InitLab I could extend my experience of going to geeky sessions.

After the presentation I got the chance to meet some old colleagues of mine, the speaker (whose blog I read for a long time), young students and future geeks, and people with backgrounds different than Java. This was great, and so was the free beer, which is a common part in a programmers meetup. I think also that popularizing one of DZone's products: the free refcards, was great idea too.

Good luck, guys! I admire the energy that you have!"

I highly recommend you help organize a DZone meetup in your area.  We'll help, so contact us if you're determined to have one!

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