Introducing DZone Radio and Tom's Tech Notes

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Introducing DZone Radio and Tom's Tech Notes

Listen in to our new series — the first five episodes of which covers DevOps.

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On our first five episodes of DZone Radio, we kick off our flagship show, Tom's Tech Notes — starring our research analyst Tom Smith. We'll be releasing a new episode every Sunday at 11 AM EST.

Want to check them out from your favorite podcast platform? Here we are on:

The audio for this series is compiled from various interviews he's hosted with industry experts across the globe. For our inaugural episodes, we'll start with a variety of DevOps topics, including how DevOps has changed and the biggest DevOps fails these experts have seen.

You can either check out the landing page up above, or just click play on any of the episodes below:

DevOps Fails

Devops Fails: Advice From Anders Wallgren

DevOps and Security

How DevOps Has Changed

DevOps Use Cases

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