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Community Survey: As a Developer, What Content Do You Want to See Daily?

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Community Survey: As a Developer, What Content Do You Want to See Daily?

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The goal of this survey is to gauge what types of information you'd like to see everyday as a frequent reader of the site who has an in-depth perspective on what's valuable and what isn't.

DZone has always put its readers first. That's why we want to see exactly what content you will be most likely to read-- and what's just white noise that you couldn't care less about.

As we develop new daily content streams, we're trying to accomplish two things:

  1. Help you write better software and excel in their industry by keeping up to speed with what's going on.
  2. Help us understand what's going on so that we can pick the best topics for our publications and content.

This survey has 23 questions that will ask you to gauge your level of interest or how much your sentiment matches a given statement. The survey will take about three minutes to complete. At the end, we ask that you give us a rating on the survey itself.

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