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DZone Refcardz: Getting Started with OpenStack

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DZone Refcardz: Getting Started with OpenStack

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Learn how to migrate and modernize stateless applications and run them in a Kubernetes cluster.

We are happy to announce the release of DZone's latest Refcard: Getting Started with OpenStack by Sriram Subramanian. This Refcard is the Essential Cheat Sheet to OpenStack, The World's Most Popular Open-Source Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It will go over why and how you should use the OpenStack platform to its full potential.

OpenStack™ is an open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. It is used to manage large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources in a data center, all managed through a centralized dashboard. OpenStack is one of the fastest growing open source communities in the world, with more than 18,000 individual contributors and 430 participating companies.

The OpenStack Refcard covers:

  • Adoption trends
  • Component overview
  • Delivery mechanisms
  • Environment and key terms
  • Quick start commands

And a lot more! DZone Refcardz help you develop your skills in a wide assortment of development technologies. You can find the rest of our Refcard Library here.

Want to learn more about OpenStack? Check out these articles from DZone's Most Valuable Bloggers:

  • An Introduction to PaaS on OpenStack - A recording of a session of an OpenStack Online meetup by John Wetherill, this presentation is based on John's career as a developer and shows how PaaS helps from that perspective.
  • Openstack in a Box - Setting Up Devstack Havana On Your Local Network - The Openstack project is hugely popular, and it is also pretty damn complicated to set up. Fortunately, the good folks as Openstack have set up an ‘all-in-one’ configuration allowing you to install all of the Openstack components on one machine using a fairly straightforward script.
  • OpenStack and Cloud Foundry - Cloud Foundry seems like a contentious issue in the OpenStack camp with "it's not OpenStack" being the main theme of discussion when discussing PaaS. Should PaaS be fully integrated with one specific IaaS or should there be a clear separation between IaaS and PaaS?
  • The VMware OpenStack Cloud Conundrum - Given that the cloud infrastructure world keeps on changing and evolving very rapidly (not just between OpenStack and VMware), any tight integration approach will have a higher chance of breaking compatibility or being limited to the least common denominator at some point.
  • OpenStack Wiki in Short – A Quick Guide to Open Cloud - This post outlines in short the different OpenStack components, and how they work together.  From OpenStack Cinder through OpenStack Heat, and Trove – this is your quick wiki for everything OpenStack compute, networking, and storage.


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