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DZone Refcardz: Introducing Cloud Foundry

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DZone Refcardz: Introducing Cloud Foundry

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This week we released the DZone Cloud Foundry Refcard: The Essential Cloud Foundry Cheat Sheet, written by Jeremy Voorhis, revised and updated by Billy Tat. This Refcard lets you jump right into Cloud Foundry, and "will help you build, deploy, and manage applications on Cloud Foundry with ease."

Cloud Foundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) governed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry enables developers and teams to deploy and manage applications and services (databases, message queues, 3rd party APIs) through its REST API, and handles details like load balancing and restarting crashed applications automatically.

The Cloud Foundry Refcard covers:

  • Technologies supported by Cloud Foundry
  • Finding a hosting provider, or deploying Cloud Foundry yourself
  • Writing apps for and deploying to Cloud Foundry
  • Scaling and managing apps in the cloud
  • Finding help within the community
  • Using the cf Command Line Interface (CLI)

And plenty more! DZone Refcardz help you develop your skills in a wide assortment of development technologies. You can find the rest of our Refcard Library here.

Need more info on Cloud Foundry? Check out these articles from DZone MVBs:

  • The Cloudcast #186 - Understanding the Cloud Foundry Foundation - Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely talk to Sam Ramji (@sramji; President of Cloud Foundry Foundation) about his first 30 days on the job, engaging developer communities, open vs. commercial, branding and awareness of open source projects.
  • OpenStack and Cloud Foundry - Cloud Foundry clearly defines and provides a PaaS that will run very well on any OpenStack deployment. Stackato has shown that Cloud Foundry will also work equally well on any infrastructure such as Amazon EC2, CloudStack, vSphere or KVM
  • Docker and Cloud Foundry - This post gives an overview of where you might find Docker integration within the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. It looks at Decker, Stackato and Diego.
  • What Customers Want in 2015: Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, Docker and AWS - PaaS has really emerged in the past year as a critical part of application delivery and customers are saying that they want their PaaS to be based on Cloud Foundry. The open-source project is definitely on the path to becoming the standard for open-source PaaS.
  • Curating Microservices APIs with Cloud Foundry - Microservices aren't new, but the use and awareness of microservices have been recently exploding. Naturally, many microservices-related patterns and practices are evolving rapidly. Stewarding/curating APIs is one example of such a practice, which the cf command (and the stackato CLI too) precisely embodies.


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