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DZone Research Cloud News Update (July 21)

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DZone Research Cloud News Update (July 21)

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A lot has happened in the cloud industry since the release of our 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report in early March, which is why we are providing monthly industry news updates to keep our community truly updated. Here are the major happenings up through July 16th:

What is OpenStack? A Quick OpenStack Tutorial 
  • "In this blog we often discuss OpenStack, and the different components, and have an OpenStack tutorial or guide at your disposal for many topics – from OpenStack Neutron and networking in general, through NFV, through OpenStack orchestration, DevStack, network automation, and much more.  However, all of those posts assume that you know a thing or two about OpenStack already.  So, in order to be able to provide more context, we decided to take a step back, and answer the most fundamental question for those who are looking to get started with OpenStack and need to make sense of the terminology.  What is OpenStack?"

How the Cloud Makes Windows Irrelevant 
  • "Windows has been running on the majority of PCs for many years now. Microsoft successfully translated its client monopoly into a stronghold server position. However times are changing and it is no surprise that the new CEO of Microsoft is a Cloud expert. Cloud can make Windows irrelevant. But all of this is unlikely to thrive if Microsoft would keep its current internal structures."

“Will the future be Dockerized?” — A Discussion on Docker, Containers, and the Future of Application Delivery
  • "Even though Docker is getting all the attention at present, this "virtual appliance" style deployment model isn't new - tech companies have been doing much the same with Amazon EC2 AMIs for a while, Twitter does something similar using Mesos, Vagrant has supported "whole environment" delivery for VirtualBox and now more providers for years, even if it's mainly used for local environments in practice. Arguably, this is also the deployment model mainframes use. From what I can see, the role this model will play will depend largely on two factors: future application architecture and future division of responsibility for what's in a container."

Google Cloud Platform Update Includes Container Support for Docker
  • "Everything at Google, from Search to Gmail, is packaged and run in a Linux container. Each week we launch more than 2 billion container instances across our global data centers, and the power of containers has enabled both more reliable services and higher, more-efficient scalability. Now we’re taking another step toward making those capabilities available to developers everywhere."
OpenStack Turns 4 - The Top 4 OpenStack Articles in its Lifetime! 
  • "It was recently mentioned this week on OpenStack's blog that OpenStack, the free and much-loved open source cloud computing platform, will turn 4 years old on July 19th, and they're declaring it a cause for celebration. To sort of kick things off in our look at OpenStack, I've collected the top four articles about OpenStack published on DZone in the last four years--during the OpenStack lifespan. This is just the tip of the iceberg!"
Electric Cloud Launches Two Products and Brings New Attention to Continuous Delivery
  • "Electric Cloud announced two new products, as well as several new industry initiatives, that show a lot about what the company has learned after 10 years of software pipeline and delivery experience. The company is coming out with a number of new focuses on DevOps in the Enterprise."

libswarm - Docker Orchestration Announced
  • "A year ago Docker was announced. Thanks to our 3 plus years experience working with Linux containers, ActiveState could clearly see its potential and understand Solomon Hykes' vision for the future of containerization. We wasted no time making Docker part of Stackato. Back in May 2013 I had interviewed Solomon Hykes to get the low-down on what Docker was. Now, exactly one year later, Solomon agreed to sit down with me to explain what he describes as “the second lego brick” - libswarm."

Scale Out Patterns for OpenStack (and Other Cloud) Based Systems 
  • "It is a common question these days how one should design their next system to support elastic and growth requirementsin the cloud era. As I got this specific query today, I would like to share with you my answer based on various materials I created in the last few years: You can scale your app! just follow the right recommendation."
Introducing Amazon Cognito—Simple User Identity and Data Synchronization 
  • "Amazon Cognito is a backend service that simplifies user identity and data sync services for a variety of applications--and it fits right into the hefty portfolio of cloud services that Amazon already has under its umbrella. It allows users to access identity data from multiple mobile devices through cloud connectivity--and even allows users to access some of that data offline using on-device storage. It does all this security by managing authorization, but can still allow unauthorized guests when necessary."

An Introduction to Beginning with Chef (Part 1)
  • "Anirudh Bhatnagar, a blogger over at Xebia, has started a series for beginner users of Chef, a configuration management tool. Chef's use for creating infrastructure as code for cloud automation is well known, and a good guide for getting started in this realm is a big plus for many developers. The author provides eight steps for the basic introduction element of the Chef series. I've briefly summarized the eight steps below, but you will need to see the full introduction for detailed procedure."

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