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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

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A lot has happened in the cloud industry since the release of our 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery in April, which is why we are providing monthly industry news updates to keep our community truly updated. Here are the major happenings up through June 23rd:

Electric Cloud Launches ElectricFlow to Accelerate and Automate Software Build 

  • "Electric Cloud (electric-cloud.com), the leader in enterprise Continuous Delivery, today announced ElectricFlow, a family of Continuous Delivery applications. ElectricFlow, built on the highly scalable ElectricCommander DevOps process automation platform, automates build, test and deployment activities, eliminating software delivery bottlenecks and providing real-time visibility. ElectricFlow also features a new deployment automation application called Deploy that automates and standardizes software deployments throughout the delivery process."

IBM Launches a Simplified Full-Stack Environment Management For Multiple Clouds  
  • "IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns is a full-stack environment management and deployment solution that enables users to design, deploy and update full-stack environments for multiple clouds. Extending the benefits of UrbanCode Deploy, this solution optimizes your continuous delivery throughput by automating infrastructure in the cloud, leveraging open standards defined by OpenStack."

Codeship Provides Update to Realtime Messaging with Pusher 

  • "We are very happy with the changes we made and Pusher itself. It made the application logic a lot simpler. We don’t check for not modified content anymore, since we only trigger reloads after changes happened. The next step is to push the modified content directly to all connected clients. I’m looking forward to the next improvements we gonna ship."
CFEngine Unveils Enterprise 3.6.0 to Further Simplify and Automate IT
  • "CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 presents the users with a powerful visual dashboard, where they use customizable widgets to define scenarios unique to their environment. Using simple drag and drop capability the user customizes and enhances the dashboard experience. Using the intuitive dashboard, users can set policy, be alerted to drifts and deviations from the same, drill into and diagnose issues, and take relevant and necessary remedial action on non-compliant elements in their environment."

Chef Issue Tracking and Contribution Workflow Updates

  • "Two frequently discussed topics in the community have been issue tracking and the contribution workflow. JIRA has been our issue tracker for a long time and we’ve been using Github from the beginning to host the source code. Our contribution workflow have evolved around the combination of these tools. Having two sources, one for code and one for discussions, has created a frustrating contribution experience for our contributors. Contributions frequently fell out of the cracks, which caused long response times from us. In order to fix this, we have been trying out using only Github Issues for the last couple of weeks. It significantly improved our response times to the pull requests and issues."

Delivering on Continuous Delivery with CloudBees and Serena 

Electric Cloud Announces ElectricAccelerator Huddle, A Free Product for Small Teams 

  • "Electric Cloud announced ElectricAccelerator Huddle, a free product that dramatically accelerates software builds and tests for development teams. Available through public beta, it empowers teams to be more agile and productive by tapping unused desktop CPU capacity within a peer-to-peer group of developers to distribute builds and tests, and reduce cycle times. The result is a highly efficient way of supercharging the “front-end” of the Continuous Delivery process."

Introducing Continuous Integration For PHP Projects On Semaphore

  • "Today we’re really happy to announce our next step in platform expansion with full support for PHP projects on Semaphore. Developers working with all languages are embracing automated tools to develop web applications that meet requirements in a process that is both faster and safer comparing to old days of manual deployment and no tests. Now you can take advantage of Semaphore’s continuous integration and deployment features, already trusted by thousands of developers across the globe, in your PHP projects too."

The Travis CI Team Offers New Deployment Providers

  • "The Travis CI team has been busy adding several new providers for continuous deployment: Modulus, GitHub Releases, Ninefold, Cloud 66 and a major rewrite for Cloud Foundry. When we launched continuous deployment with Heroku 10 months ago, we had no idea how fast it would grow. Now, we're up to 19 providers, with more landing every few weeks."

Zend Server Comes to the IBM Cloud Marketplace
  • "We are excited to announce a partnership with IBM that brings the power of PHP 5.5 and Zend Server to the IBM Cloud marketplace. Starting today, IBM clients can use the IBM Marketplace to access the full power of Zend Server, the enterprise-class platform for PHP applications."

To read more about the state of the cloud industry, download the 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery and get your knowledge base updated!

2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery

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