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DZone Research Exclusive - The New PaaS: Bring Only What You Need

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DZone Research Exclusive - The New PaaS: Bring Only What You Need

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As you may have noticed, we're really excited about the launch of our latest research endeavor, the 2014 Cloud Platform Research Report. In addition to the vendor directory covering 39 cloud platforms and the results from our survey of 612 IT professionals, the report includes exclusive content from industry experts and today we have a excerpt from one of these articles by Matt Butcher, Lead Cloud Engineer at Revolv:

The New PaaS: Bring Only What You Need

Many of the earliest PaaS products came in the form of bulky, prescriptive platforms. Current PaaS solutions are now providing less opinionated frameworks, and new technologies are paving the way for elegant mini-PaaS solutions.

Around this time last year, I was the technical lead for the aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service) project at HP Cloud Services. At that time, I shortsightedly viewed PaaS as the opposite of IaaS. I viewed IaaS as a set of building blocks, and I viewed PaaS as an entirely finished product. To me, a PaaS was a single product loaded with a full suite of development utilities. All a developer had to do was upload an app, sliding it into place like the last piece of a puzzle. They imposed a prescriptive architecture that was intended to make development simpler.

This "go big or go home" model seemed like the best way to build applications, but I had forgotten my UNIX roots. UNIX command line tools are notable for their elegance and single-mindedness. That early training should have prompted me to focus on doing one thing exceptionally well instead of trying to do everything. A new open source project called "Docker" reminded me of that UNIX elegance…

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2014 Cloud Platform Research Report

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