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DZone Research Mobile News Update (July 14)

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DZone Research Mobile News Update (July 14)

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News & Announcements

New to Alpha Anywhere: Using Chrome for Working Preview, Debugging JavaScript Using the Chrome Debugger 

  • "Using Chrome has several benefits, including the ability to ‘detach’ the Working Preview window so that it can be moved to a second monitor and be kept open while you continue to design your component. You can also use the Chrome Debugger to debug your JavaScript or inspect an element on the page."

iOS 8 Privacy Updates

  • "The latest updates to iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite introduce some very welcomed changes to the way Security and Privacy is dealt with on these platforms and may serve as an inspiration for others."

Appery.io and Auth0 Join Forces To Simplify Mobile App Development With Identity Management

  • "Building mobile apps with identity management wasn’t simple, until now. Auth0, a cloud service that eliminates the friction of identity for your app, and Appery.io, the only cloud platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services, are collaborating to make this happen."

Appery.io Partners with ForgeRock in Response to Demand for Secure Mobile Apps in the Enterprise

  • "Today, we’re thrilled to announce that ForgeRock, the leading open platform provider of identity relationship management (IRM) solutions, has chosen to partner with Appery.io to provide its customers with a faster path to enterprise mobilization."

You Can Now Publish Your App for Windows Phone 8 

  • "All AppMachine apps are now ready for Windows Phone 8. The only thing you have to do is publish your mobile app in the Windows Phone Store."

Progress Acquires Modulus! 

  • "We are extremely excited to announce our acquisition of Cincinnati-based Modulus! Modulus is a privately-held company that provides a platform-as-a-service for deploying, scaling, monitoring, and managing Node.js applications."

New Releases

Free DevExpress MVVM Framework released

  • "The free DevExpress MVVM Framework is now available on NuGet and GitHub. It includes all the capabilities of the MVVM libraries installed with our components, except for those features specific to component integration."

Kendo UI Q2 2014 Beta Is HERE

  • The Kendo UI Q2 Beta 2014 is available. More details will come along with the official release, which will drop July 16th with a formal keynote on July 30th

jQuery Mobile 1.4.3 Released 

  • "Today we released jQuery Mobile 1.4.3. This third maintenance release for 1.4 does not only contain bug fixes, but also a new pagecontainer events demo. See the 1.4.3 changelog for a list of all changes."

Announcing ngCordova: Simple AngularJS Cordova Extensions

  • "Today I am incredibly excited to announce the very first release of ngCordova, an open-source collection of AngularJS services and extensions that make it incredibly easy to use Cordova plugins and native features in your hybrid apps."

Apache Cordova 3.5.0 

  • Apache Cordova 3.5.0 has been released! Notable changes include dropped support for iOS 5, Chrome devtools support for amazon-fireos, and more.

Announcing Sencha Ext JS 5

  • "On behalf of Sencha and the entire Ext JS team, I’m proud to announce that we are releasing Sencha Ext JS 5 today. Ext JS 5 is a huge step forward, and we want to take a moment to thank our community for all of the feedback and constant support."

Tutorial & Opinion

Secrets of Swift's Speed

  • "Since the introduction of Swift, speed has been a key selling point. Indeed, it's right in the name of the language. It's said to be faster than dynamic languages like Python or JavaScript, potentially faster than Objective-C, and even claimed to be faster than C for certain cases. But how exactly does it do it?"

A Closer Look at Android Runtime (ART) in Android L 

  • "With the latest I/O conference, Google has finally publicly announced its plans for its new runtime on Android. The Android RunTime, ART, is the successor and replacement for Dalvik, the virtual machine on which Android Java code is executed on."

Smashing Swift

  • "There is nothing like being among the first to get your hands on a language, and being among the first to explore it. Even if you immediately find ways to break all the things."

The history of Android 

  • "Android has been with us in one form or another for more than six years. During that time, we've seen an absolutely breathtaking rate of change unlike any other development cycle that has ever existed."

Android Needs A Simulator, Not An Emulator 

  • "Developers are the top of the funnel for Android’s continued success. Without quality development tools there are no quality apps, without quality apps there are no quality users, and without quality users the developers will flee. Half of the developer flow in this funnel comes from the tools and the other half from APIs. This post is about the former."

From Around DZone

Google Play Services 5.0 is Here to Choke Your Apps

  • "Last week, Google Play Services 5.0 was released. There's been some talk recently that its swift growth may be beneficial when it comes to cleaning up fragmentation, but there could be some drawbacks. According to Jake Wharton, in fact, there may be more drawback than benefit."

Remote Grouping in a Sencha Touch Store

  • "In this article you are going to learn how to perform remote grouping in a Sencha Touch Store using a .Net backend. The tutorial covers using a Sencha Touch Store's grouper config, using the Store Class's remoteGroup config, using the Store Class's setGrouper method, and more."

RoboVM 0.0.14 Has Been Released

  • "RoboVM 0.0.14 has been released! We heard about this tool not too long ago - cross-platform mobile development platform, taking Java to iOS - and it's pretty interesting, so if you're looking for a way to put your Android skills to use on other platforms, you might want to check it out."

Android 5.0 & ART: A Compacting Garbage Collector is Coming

  • "Google I/O shook things up a bit last week - ART is finally for sure, and now we've seen some cool new developer tools - but one significant aspect of ART that didn't get covered is garbage collection. According to the updated ART documentation, a compacting garbage collector is coming to AOSP."

Amazon Releases Fire Phone: Firefly Feature Recognizes Everything

  • "Jeff Bezos is on stage right now in Seattle presenting Amazon's new smartphone offering, Fire Phone, and according to a variety of live-Tweet streams, it's pretty exciting. But the big news is the Fire Phone's major feature, Firefly, which can scan and recognize just about everything."

Dart for Android: Why Google Should Embrace Dart over Java

  • "Google's programming language, Dart, has been around for a while now, but it hasn't quite taken off the way others have. According to some, though, it should be front and center as the core language of Android."


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