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[DZone Research] Ouch! Developer Pain Points

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[DZone Research] Ouch! Developer Pain Points

Let's take a look at some some data we received from our community was part of our community survey, and what it tells us about impediments devs work with

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If you're entranced in reading the full report, the DZone Community Survey, Vol. I is live and available here!

As part of our efforts to get to know our community better, we conducted a community survey. In total, we received 1,918 responses, with 1,272 complete responses. We're hoping the insights gleaned from this survey will help us further our mission to be the best development community on the web. As you'd expect, we received a lot of great data from this survey. Today, I'd like to share some of the insights we were given into developer pain points. Here are the top pain points reported: 

  • Lack of clear requirements.

  • Legacy code.

  • Not enough time to complete projects.

  • Poor management/project direction.

Interestingly, the most common pain points reported by coders did not actually involve coding, but rather the restrictions and demands placed upon their coding. While issues arising around legacy code was the second largest pain point reported (35% of respondents), the biggest pain point reported by our community was a lack of clear requirements for their projects (39%). In the same vein, not having enough time to complete projects (33%) and poor management/project direction (31%) were two more all-too-common frustrations.

Another interesting note, there six popular categories of developer that our respondents chose to identify as an: app developer, architect/software designer, backend developer, dev manager/dev lead, full stack developer, and web developer. For all six of these categories, a lack of clear requirements was the number one pain point reported. As a majority of our audience are developers who work with Java in an enterprise setting, the second largest pain point reported among four of the six dev categories given above was issues relating to legacy code. For those who identified as app developers, however, was lack of documentation; and for those who identified as web developers, the second largest issue tends to be not having enough time to complete their projects.  

As a developer do you often these impediments cropping up in your work? Are there any pain points we didn't cover in this post that often gives you and/or your colleagues headaches? Let us know in the comments below! 

If you want to learn more, you can read the DZone Community Survey, Vol. I here!

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