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DZone Weekend Cloud Open Thread

Have some thoughts about the most recent developments in cloud computing? Looking forward to an upcoming conference? Whatever's on your mind, put it out there.

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This weekend, as our American readers prepare for Independence Day (while the rest of the world grunts and shrugs its shoulders), we're going to try something a little different. It's been an exciting couple of weeks in the Cloud zone, and we wanted to give you a chance to speak your minds and be heard.

That's why we're starting our first open thread — in the hopes that our community will... commune with one another in an unstructured way. We're going to provide a few possible talking points, but you're free to comment on anything you want that happens to be related to cloud computing.


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In any case, those are just some ideas to get you started. Did anything catch your eye? Is there something you want to know more about? Talk among yourselves in the comments, and enjoy your weekend!


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