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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (July 15)

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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (July 15)

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Introducing Raspberry Pi B+ 

We covered this briefly , but it bears repeating: Raspberry Pi has released a new model. The old B will remain in production as long as there is demand for it, but they are pushing the B+ and have done a round up of vloggers who played with the new model over the weekend.

Amazon Cognito 

We also wrote about this one: Amazon Cognito allows users to access identity data from multiple mobile devices through cloud connectivity--and even allows users to access some of that data offline using on-device storage. It does all this security by managing authorization, but can still allow unauthorized guests when necessary.

Google Glass Creator Heads to Amazon 

The lead of Google Glass jumped ship to Amazon to pursue opportunities in developing new Amazon hardware.


Hardware is the New Software 

Given the accessibility of open source projects and wide distribution via app stores, it's becoming easier than ever for software to be created with low overhead; in this article, Min-Liang Tan argues that hardware is where it's at now.

Why I Connected My Coffee Machine to the Internet 

"I’m usually the first in the office and admittedly I’m a grumpy sod until at least my second morning coffee. I wanted to rewire our office coffee machine and build an application that allowed me to start it brewing before I arrived to work."

How David Braben's 1984 space game Elite inspired the Raspberry Pi 

"So many things have shifted since I made the original Elite, 30 years ago. They're good things, they aren't all about hardware, and they've allowed us to do so much more than could be done back in 1984. . . But ironically, things are also returning to how they were back then. There's a freedom today as developers are able to do what we like, often free from publishers."


Excuses for Lazy Coders 

Too much on your plate and don't want to accept more? Too many episodes behind in Game of Thrones? This site randomly generates excuses for coders who don't want to code. Everybody needs a break sometimes.

Source Code in TV and Films 

One Tumblr user decided to grab screen captures of source code in TV and Films and is attempting to identify each code.


What Happens When Digital Cities Are Abandoned? 

An interesting dive into the world of abandoned internet spaces, from text-based MUDs to Second Life to Geocities.

Germany's 12th Man At The World Cup: Big Data 

We all know now how the World Cup ended, but this article (written before Sunday's final) digs into a Big Data tool.


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