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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (July 2)

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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (July 2)

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Google I/O - All You Need to Know 

in case you missed it, Google hosted its giant developers conference last week and announced a few big things, including Google Cloud Dataflow and a bunch of Android-related news.

California Governor Signs Bill to Bring Bitcoin and Other Currency into Fold 

California Governor Jerry Brown essentially revealed what supporters said was an outdated law prohibiting commerce using anything but U.S. currency.

Facebook's Mood Study 

News broke this week that Facebook newsfeeds were being manipulated to measure social media's effects on emotions – according to the story "when news spread over the weekend that Facebook had manipulated its news feed to study how social media posts affect people's emotions, the real surprise was that anyone was that surprised."


The Internet of Things Will Need Millions of Developers by 2020 

The Internet of Things isn't about the widgets, it's about the networks that connect them – and thus about the developers the work on those networks.

9 Things I Learned As A Software Engineer (...that I wish I had known in Grad school) 

Tame your monkey mind – and read this engineer's ruminations on what he's learned, whether you think it's applicable to you or not.

The Incorporated Woman 

In the era of big data and ever more connected devices, one woman is trying to take control of her own data in an interesting way – by incorporating herself.

Are Programmers the New Digital Working Class? 

"A 2010 Fortune Magazine article referred to the explosion and subsequent glut of Apple and Twitter apps as turning developers from “superstars to serfs.” Welcome to the new digital working class, programmers."


The Life of a Developer in Cat Memes 

Because this is the internet, after all.

Crushing Code: Brogramming Encouragement 

Do you even code, bro? Do you?



Remember the hey day of interactive, WYSIWYG video game creation? Relive RPG maker online.

The new 501(c)(3) and the future of free software in the United States

Going out on a limb to call legalese nerdy, but it's an interesting read none-the-less.

Yahoo picks up Community for Sixth Season 

Interesting because nearly everybody expected streaming giant Netflix to snap up rights to the recently-cancelled Community, which has a rabid fanbase and the deep-seated promise for six seasons and a movie. But Yahoo! Yahoo got it.

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