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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (June 11)

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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (June 11)

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Apple Begins Rejecting Apps That Offer Rewards for Video Views, Social Sharing 

All those Candy Crush requests sitting in your Facebook inbox may be a thing of the past as Apple begins to crack down on apps whose model relies on social sharing and rewarding players for video views. The days when you get extra lives from watching that advertisement about that one game with the dragons may soon be nothing but history.

It's Here: Docker 1.0 

We wrote about this over in the Cloud Microzone, but it bears repeating: a milestone version has been reached with Docker. Since March 2013, tens of thousands of users have helped push the application to the next level.

This Rural Community Is Building Its Own Gigabit Internet Network 

The 210 citizens of a small parish in the UK have taken it upon themselves to get connected; a dearth of internet service providers and a lack of interest from local government prompted action on the individual level by folks who hope to connect the idyllic rural countryside (a living photograph of the past) with the future.

Turing Test Past By Computer 

Whether it actually means anything or not, a computer "chatbot" program that imitated a 13-year-old boy passed the Turing test earlier this week. Although the test is half a century old, it remains a benchmark for computer performance – and inspires a lot of discussion.


A Year of Functional Programming 

A blogger who has been playing with languages for 26 years reflects on his attempt at functional programming and how it was influenced (or hindered) by his experience.

The Future of Kinect 

With E3 happening this week, we would be remiss if we didn't even acknowledge the gaming industry as a place for interesting development work. Microsoft's Kinect continues to push forward in motion-tracking and more interactive (and embarrassing) gameplay and health/fitness routines.

The Case Against Sharing

An interesting, illustrated look at the "sharing economy" in an age of digital innovation and countless startups.


Cleverbot Responds To Turing Test News 

Nothing like a journalist interviewing the big chatbot of yesteryear to see how it "feels" about losing the spotlight to a "13-year-old." Also, Cleverbot apparently has plans to return to the limelight. Four of them.

A Web Developer Text Adventure 

On a quest to become the very best? Or have a little bit of time to kill or a project to put off? This web-based text adventure should do the trick.


Jurassic Park: Trespasser CG Source Code Review 

A fossil from 1998, Jurassic Park: Trespasser was a computer game that didn't fare particularly well but offered some innovative features for its time, including a physics engine and unique outdoor graphics capabilities.

Game of Codes

A parody of the now-more-popular-than-the-Sopranos HBO hit Game of Thrones, where all the characters are language-based and the nerdy becomes nerdier.


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