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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (June 25)

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DZone Weekly Link Round-up (June 25)

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Microsoft Unveils Android Phone 

Despite the unspoken rivalry between Windows-based phones and Google's Android OS, Microsoft is releasing an Android phone. This news comes on the heels of Microsoft's takeover of the Nokia handheld division.

Wolfram Programming Cloud is Live 

The process began 30 years ago with a program called Mathematica. Now, the Wolfram Programming Cloud is released and hopes to allow developers to jump in and start programming and deploying cloud-based programs in the Wolfram language.

Abstract Software Patents Struck Down By Supreme Court 

We wrote about this briefly earlier this week, but it bears repeating: SCOTUS decided unanimously in the case Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank International that abstract ideas (in this case, a kind of escrow enacted via a computer) couldn't qualify for software patents.

Google's Nest Labs Opens Its Platform to Outside Developers

"Google and rivals are vying for control of the home, considered an important new digital frontier as computing becomes increasingly mobile and moves beyond smartphones into everyday objects and sensors." 


Living the Fitbit Life 

In the world of wearable tech, Fitbit is one of the most pervasive devices on the market. In this essay on the New Yorker, humorist and writer David Sedaris reflects on his own experience with the Fitbit.

My Startup Failed, and This is What It Feels Like 

Nikki Durkin started 99Dresses several years ago with a dream and enough gumption to stick with it – until it failed. In this post, she candidly reflects on her experience in a failed startup.

Predicting Who Will Win the World Cup with Wolfram Language

Following on the heels of news about the Wolfram Programming Cloud, here's an example of the kind of problems being solved with the Wolfram language.


RunPee: Because Movie Theatres Don't Have Pause Buttons 

Ever been in a movie theater and felt the overwhelming urge to go number one, but you wait it out until you guess at a place where you won't miss anything significant if you're gone for a couple minutes? There's an app for that. Now you don't have to guess anymore.

9 Things Bruce Lee Taught Me About Programming 

Be the water, friend.


The Simpsons in CSS 

You can do a lot of interesting things with CSS – so why not use it to recreate characters from the Simpsons?

Building Jarvis, Part 2 

There's no metric for nerddom quite like devotion to Marvel franchises; especially devotion that goes so far as to try and replicate Tony Stark's technology.

Ken Burns Effect in Javascript 

Could your website use a little bit more Ken Burns? Good news!

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