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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 5)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 5)

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SignalFx is the only real-time cloud monitoring platform for infrastructure, microservices, and applications. The platform collects metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment, replacing traditional point tools with a single integrated solution that works across the stack.


OSCON 2013 in Review

Didn’t get a chance to attend OSCON this year?  Read this blog review of the conference by Jeff Kramer.  I’ll give 10 DZone upvotes to the first person to correctly identify the reference in Jeff’s title.  Post in the comments of this roundup.

A New, Comprehensive Look at Android Fragmentation

Using recorded data from over 3 million users, OpenSignal produced a giant report this week showing several useful data visualizations of Android device fragmentation.

Docker: The Ultimate Container Engine
Last week we looked at Packer.io, by the creators of Vagrant.  I also found another superb DevOps-y tool for application deployment that packages code into lightweight containers that run on just about any type of infrastructure.

Jaunt: Super Simple Java Web Scraping and Automation
Jaunt is a Java API that’s going to make it nice and easy to parse, traverse, search, extract and filter HTML and XML data.

Tox: Instant Messaging Secure From Government Spying
An open source under construction now called “Tox” aims to enable leading-class encrypted personal messaging.

HTTP 2.0 Draft Released
An initial draft of HTTP 2.0, which is not meant to replace HTTP 1.1 but be an alternative instead, was released this month.  It’s heavily based on Google’s SPDY protocol.


Don’t Pay For Responsive Design Tests

This article is a keeper, with lots of great responsive design advice, references, and links to useful sites like ami.responsivedesign.is, deviceponsive.com and responsivetest.net.

Google’s Go Team
There’s a cool story this week about the team that built (and is still building) Google’s Go language and how they’ve become a floating team that volunteers to help other groups that are having trouble with their code.

Why YouTube Performance Sucks Sometimes

I’ve noticed some instances of awful performance on YouTube this past year.  It seems this article might have found the answer: economics.

One Company’s Development Experience with Android vs. iOS

This post will help you identify some of the key differences in developing for Android vs. iOS and the difficulties associated with each.  I think it’s a useful read for most mobile developers.

Java GC: Explicit MM vs. GC-Based MM.
A interesting post for all who work with Java garbage collection in response to the blogger who wrote an extensive, well-founded mobile performance essay a few weeks ago.


This is Programming...

Courtesy of Trisha Gee

She Drove Over a MacBook Air...

And it ran like nothing ever happened!


Making a Telepresence Robot

Using node.js, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Heroku servers, the team at AppNeta made a very cool robot that can receive commands from anywhere.

A Tour of Dropbox’s Amazing Offices
Prepare to be jealous as you look through this photo tour of Dropbox’s San Francisco offices. 

SignalFx is built on a massively scalable streaming architecture that applies advanced predictive analytics for real-time problem detection. With its NoSample™ distributed tracing capabilities, SignalFx reliably monitors all transactions across microservices, accurately identifying all anomalies. And through data-science-powered directed troubleshooting SignalFx guides the operator to find the root cause of issues in seconds.


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