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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 18)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 18)

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Code Faster By Voice
It's hard to imagine that you could code faster by voice commands than you could by typing, but this video shows how it's possible:

Vim 7.4 Arrives
Nothing flashy in this new release.  Just a more solid Vim for your coding convenience.

Codecademy for Hiring

A new startup called "Hackermeter" is looking to make the scores and badges systems of a Codecademy-like site into a hiring tool for companies seeking developers.  Instead of teaching you code, it's a site full of challenges to see how well you can code.  I'm sure there will be skeptics of this method.  I certainly don't think this can be your only hiring factor, but it could be useful as a new, additional factor.

Will Wordpress Accounts Become a Major Login Form?
First Facebook login, then Twitter, now Wordpress.  Will people use it? 


A Pure CSS Graphic

There are only four lines of HTML that make up this camera app icon.  The rest is drawn completely with CSS and JS.

Go for SysAdmins
We've heard of system administrators using Ruby and Python.  Google's Go is another good option.

CSS Absolute Centering
Some developers have finally gotten margin: auto; to work for vertical centering.

Learning from Others' Shell Scripts
This is a nice modern list of shell scripts that are quite useful.  Take a look and maybe post your own!


Make Your Git Commits Into Memes
Taking the GitHub "Blame" button to the next level is the lolcommits project, which takes a snapshot of you when you make a commit and then adds the text in meme font.

Ellison Still Sore About Android
This goes in the humor section because Larry Ellison is still complaining about how Google Android "took our stuff".


Grasshopper Blows My Mind

It's Elon Musk week here in the nerdy section of the roundup.  First, you have to see the SpaceX Grasshopper video if you haven't already. 

The Jetsons Tubes Might Become a Reality

You've probably heard about the unveiling of Elon Musk's plans for the Hyperloop as well.  So far he says he will 'probably' build a prototype.  I'm excited to see what happens.


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