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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 21)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 21)

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The Rumors of Ruby’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Brian Shirai thinks Ruby is a dying language, and he’s going to start the Rubinius X project to try and resurrect it.  It seems like a lot of commenters agreed with him, but I personally don’t, and neither does Jeff Atwood.

RVM 2.0 Fundraiser
More major Ruby news: The main contributor to the Ruby Version Manager wants to rewrite the difficult-to-maintain shell scripts that comprise RVM into Ruby.  He’s trying to raise 50K to do it, so if you’re looking to also make RVM development more approachable, you should probably help him out.

5 Major Internet Governing Bodies Break With the US Gov’t
ICANN, the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Architecture Board, the World Wide Web Consortium, the Internet Society recently voted to reject the US Commerce Department’s unilateral oversight of ICANN through the IANA contract.

A New Approach to Ajax
Oboe.js is a new project that intends to speed up web applications by allowing the usage of objects before their HTTP responses are complete.


Eloquent JavaScript Tests
Justin Searls is passionate about sharing the JavaScript testing tactics he’s learned over the years.  It will change the way you program.

TDD: Is it Worth the Time Costs?
Another great opinion write-up about the age old question – is TDD really worth all the extra time it seems to take?

Crappy Recruiter Methods
You can’t fault recruiters for doing their jobs, but you can fault their methods.

Why I Chose Node.js Over Rails
Since my earlier links were a bit Ruby-biased, I thought I’d share with you another recent argument for using Node.js over Ruby on Rails.

A Quick Look at the Redis Source Code
Nothing will help you understand a technology better than a guided tour through its source code.


Meet the “Best C# Programmer in the World”  

40 Pranks to Play on Co-workers who Don’t Lock Their Computers

Some of these are pure evil.  I still laughed at them all though.

Coder Reactions: Part 2
Check out the continuing saga of developer gif entertainment.


Robot Turtles Teach Children Programming Concepts
Want a boardgame that teaches your kids programming concepts at an early age? Check out this awesome-looking, successfully kickstarted game.

Fun Names For Groups of Programmers
Are you part of an enumerable of Rubyists?  Or perhaps you work with a factory of Java developers?  Oh, it looks like it got changed to a NCC-1701 of Java developers.

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