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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 28)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 28)

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Python 3.4 Brings Native PIP
Currently on it’s 4th alpha release, Python 3.4 is taking the popular Python package manager, PIP, and making it a native tool for the language.

Conversational Git

Alan Hohn has just finished an ebook called “Conversational Git.”  I like the concept because the commit messages in Git seem well-suited for conversation.

NetBeans 7.4
The new annual release of NetBeans is here and it’s really moving into the modern web development space with new features for CSS preprocessors and JavaScript libraries.

FontAwesome 4.0 Blasts Off
The best vector icon library for Twitter Bootstrap just got an upgrade.

Sword: A Designer’s Best Friend
You shouldn’t have to manually compile your processors. Sword is a server that can compile assets on his own.


Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Typeface
Add a little design sensibility to your apps with this comprehensive article.

Potentially Harmful CSS Practices
I found this fantastic article that takes issue with several popular CSS framework methodologies and offers some pragmatic CSS practices that you should use.

Rapid Schema Development With PostgreSQL
Check out this awesome productivity guide for PostgreSQL.  


What Happened When I Applied For a Job Using Node.js?
Click the link for the Node.js-inside joke’s punchline.

Coder Reactions
If you haven’t been keeping up with our coder reactions gif posts, here’s parts 1, 2, and 3.  And check out our Tumblr too!


The Practical Science Behind Ice in Your Drink
This is pretty interesting for a seemingly boring topic, especially if you are a scotch drinker.  

Nuclear Fusion Takes Another Step Forward
A major step in unlocking self-sustaining nuclear fusion power was taken this month.

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