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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (March 5)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (March 5)

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Intel Acquires Basis for $100M - Smartwatch on the Horizon?
All the major companies are coming to bat over wearable tech in 2014. Basis makes wristband health trackers more in line with the Fitbit and Jawbone than the smartwatches we're already seeing from the likes of Samsung. Intel's acquisition, along with a previous announcement for a smartwatch collaboration with New York fashion company Opening Ceremony, spells out the continued arms race for wearable tech this year.

Facebook Looking into Buying Drone Maker Titan Aerospace
In a similar vein to Google's Project Loon, Facebook is in talks to potentially buy a company called Titan Aerospace, which makes near-orbit solar-powered drones capable of blanketing large parts of the world with satellite internet access, starting with Africa.

Flexcoin is Shutting Down
It hasn't been good for cryptocurrency exchanges and banks lately. With the Mt Gox failure and the loss of 6% of all bitcoins still a very hot topic, Flexcoin announced that they lost all the bitcoin in their "hot wallet" to hackers. Similarly to Mt Gox, there is a lot of speculation that this could be a scam by the operator. 896BTC was stolen in the purported attack.


What is a Web Framework?
Many developers interested in learning a web framework like Flask or Django don't really understand what a web framework is, what their purpose is, or how they work. This article explores the oft-overlooked topic of web framework fundamentals.

Confessions of an Intermediate Programmer
The author of this blog talks at length about how isolation and ego can lead many programmers at all stages in their career to thinking they're better than they really are. Coming to terms with the scope of your abilities can be a difficult thing, but with age and experience some are able to look back and say, "I was just OK."

PHP is Experiencing a Renaissance
It might be hard for some to believe, but PHP has really come a long way recently, despite being the language that everyone loves to hate. A new focus on interoperable components and improving performance has breathed new life into the language. You should give PHP another look, and take a look at the change log for PHP 5.5.


Downloading Software Safely is Nearly Impossible
This blogger talks about the despair and futility of trying to securely download anything online these days. He walks you through a pretty dodgy scenario of unverified ownership, HTTPS non-compliant downloads, and generally questionable security measures.

Is Bitcoin Dead Yet?
No. I mean, probably. Definitely not. Maybe? The bitcoin media hype train has its ups and downs... this website helps to reflect that sentiment in an easy to digest form.


Run the Jurassic Park Computer System in Your Browser

If you are so unfortunate as to never have seen Jurassic Park, make sure you watch the introductory video so you know the context. Fun fact: the operating system on the main computer is actually SGI IRIX, first released in 1988.

God Created the Universe in Ruby, But He Probably Used Rails

You have to keep this kind of data transparent and accessible, so of course it would be on GitHub. Feel free to browse God's current library of code. Just understand that it's a major work in progress--pretty sloppy stuff all around.

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