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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 9)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 9)

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SignalFx is the only real-time cloud monitoring platform for infrastructure, microservices, and applications. The platform collects metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment, replacing traditional point tools with a single integrated solution that works across the stack.


Oculus VR SQL Injection Vulnerability
Oculus VR has taken and is still taking steps to fix what could have been a major security vulnerability with their internal systems. Over the weekend one of their security audits discovered a vulnerability that would allow a SQL injection into the Oculus Developer Center. They took the appropriate steps by taking their system down, patching, and requiring password changes for existing users. They believe no personal information has been jeopardized by this potential vulnerability.

Annoucing Apache CloudStack 4.3.0
The newest release of the much-loved open source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) came at the end of March. New features include Palo Alto Firewall integration, Remote access VPN for VPC networks, Site to Site VPN between VRs, and more.

SIMD JavaScript Support Added to Firefox, Under Review for Chrome
SIMD.js is Intel's latest play for maximizing JavaScript web performance, and they're starting to really push it. This API utilizes data level parallelism in modern CPUs and GPUs with a software component. Intel has explained how it works with a blog post. SIMD was added to a regular build of Mozilla Firefox and is currently under review for Chrome.


Visualizing the Post-Virtualization Model of Cloud Providers
Noah Slater, one of the original developers for Orchestra, the PHP PaaS acquired by Engine Yard in 2011, talks about how virtualization has impacted the platform model for most cloud service providers. He utilizes a very interesting analogy to compare pre-virtualization resources as pets that need to be nurtured, and post-virtualization models as cattle that can be easily replaced.

Count Distinct Compared on Top 4 SQL Databases
Periscope's high-performance SQL blog released a comparison between the top four SQL databases after community prompting from Hacker News and the subreddit Programming. They ran the queries on Postgres 9.3, MySQL 5.6, SQL Server 2012 SE 11.0, and Oracle SE1 11.2, and included some interesting test results, with hats off to Microsoft and Oracle for across the board high-performance.

Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO
After an explosive series of controversies about Brendan Eich and his contribution to Prop 8 campaigns in California, the CEO of Mozilla voluntarily stepped down. Mozilla has gone into community management crisis control in response to the outrage, largely generated from an OKCupid filter that redirected Firefox users to a statement about Brendan Eich's political contributions.


Windows Azure is Now Microsoft Azure, For Some Reason
Microsoft made a very important announcement that starting April 3rd, Windows Azure is now going to be refferred to as Microsoft Azure. Good luck to anyone who uses a product control style sheet, because you will never remember this change. Think it's obvious? Nope. You're going to forget. Even now you're not sure. Was it Microsoft Azure and is changing to Windows Azure? Was it the other way around? I better check MSDN real quick. Oh no, now I'm just more confused.

Is Internet Explorer 6 Dead Yet? 
Yes, yes it is. It says right here on the death countdown clock. Can't you read? We all knew it was coming people, so don't mourn too hard. In fact, wait, surely no one is mourning this. It's really not a big deal. Dry your tears.


Kickstarter Project Would Teach Kids to Code, Create Sentient Robot Overlords 

Sure, you might be thinking there's been plenty of bunk and not-so-great projects on Kickstarter lately, but this one is definitely worth looking at. This kid's toy would be like Baby's First Coding...

UBER RUSH, Surprisingly Not A Sequel to the Ron Howard Film RUSH 

Settle down Chris Hemsworth fans, it's not the sequel to Ron Howard's 2013 film--I'm not really sure how that sequel would work--it's UBER's new bike courier service that totally will only be used for legal documents and definitely, definitely not a bunch of drugs. Definitely not. Please don't even infer that it might be used for drugs. It's just going to be legal documents, and probably Etsy deliveries. Actually, I changed my mind, this should just be an Etsy service.

SignalFx is built on a massively scalable streaming architecture that applies advanced predictive analytics for real-time problem detection. With its NoSample™ distributed tracing capabilities, SignalFx reliably monitors all transactions across microservices, accurately identifying all anomalies. And through data-science-powered directed troubleshooting SignalFx guides the operator to find the root cause of issues in seconds.


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