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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (April 15)

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Chef Delivers DevOps Automation for Windows and Microsoft Azure
Chef today announced new Windows and Microsoft Azure automation capabilities, empowering developers to accelerate software and service delivery. Chef provides a single platform for automating Windows and Linux systems on-premise and in Azure. By delivering native integration with Windows PowerShell and the Azure portal, Chef enables Windows users to easily manage on-premises workloads and streamline migrations to Azure.

Cassandra Hits One Million Writes Per Second on Google Compute Engine
In a recent blog post, it was demonstrated how Google Cloud Platform can rapidly scale networking load to handle one million requests per second. A fast front end without a fast backend has limited use, so we decided to demonstrate a backend serving infrastructure that could handle the same load.

LucidWorks, Hortonworks Team Up to be Hadoop's Search Engine
With Hadoop turning into a one-size-fits-all repository for data, an array of search solutions specifically for Hadoop have come to the fore over the past year. One of those contenders, LucidWorks, has joined with Hortonworks, one of the major distributors of Hadoop, to offer the LucidWorks edition of Hadoop search engine Solr as a reference architecture for searches on the Hortonworks Data Platform, or HDP.


Organization Antipattern: Release Testing with Continuous Delivery 
Given Continuous Delivery is predicated upon the optimization of product integrity, lead times, and organizational structure in order to deliver business value faster, the creation of cross-functional product teams is a textbook example of how to optimize an organization for Continuous Delivery.

30 Best Tools for Data Visualization
The range of technologies available by which to collect and examine data is constantly on the rise- both in web and desktop applications, which provide several great interfaces.

SSDs and MapReduce Performance
Recently, Cloudera engineers did such a study based on a combination of SSDs and HDDs, with the goal of determining to what extent SSDs accelerate different MapReduce workloads, as well as the optimal configurations for getting the best performance on each workload.


My Dinner With Java
A discussion about Java being like a spoon leads into a longer discussion about other computer languages as utensils and tools... and most of them are pretty spot on.

The Feeling When Reading Other's Code
It can be hard to handle.

Top 20 Replies by Programmers When Their Programs Don't Work
This is a theoretical list of replies that programmers give when they just can't get that program to run right, and it's a little too real. My personal favorite is "I can't test everything!"


An Introduction to Nerdsniping 
Dubbed nerdsniping, it's the practice of intentionally stumping someone with a very nerdy problem, in a way to intentionally waste there time. Or maybe not always intentionally, but it's got to really soak up their lives for a little bit.
Why C++ for Unreal Engine 4?
One of the developers for Unreal Engine posted on the official product forums to talk about why the switch from C to C++ for the fourth installment of their world famous engine. In short: people want more native functionality that comes from C++. You should still read his response though.

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