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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 27)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (August 27)

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Hadoop 2.1 Hits Beta!
Attention Hadoopgineers!  Hadoop 2.1 is ready for testing with your software.  And the committers suggest that you prepare to migrate to this version once it reaches GA because it has significantly better and more stable APIs and wire-protocols for future compatibility.

Bootstrap Trilogy
Boostrap 3.0 is live!  Love it or hate it, but it’s a big deal.  The biggest philosophical changes in the library are related to ‘mobile first’ design principles.

Groklaw is Shutting Down
Due to the recent news about email snooping by the NSA, the Groklaw blog has decided to shutter its doors because so much of their content is made through email collaboration.

Oracle’s Plan for a ‘Roll-your-own Programming Language on Java’ System
A new paper out of Oracle Labs introduces Truffle and the language-agnostic Graal compiler, two components in a special framework that could be used to more easily build JVM languages.

Test Attack Slips Into the Apple App Store
A malicious test app made it through the Apple review process into the App Store.  Apple ran the app for only a few seconds before approving it.

Attack Pattern “Fuzz”
Mozilla recently released a database of “attack patterns” called FuzzDB.  It’s used for testing mainly web security, but it can do other things and also includes predictable resource names and regex patterns.


373 High-Profile Tech Workers’ Setups - Which Were the Most Popular?
Lakshman Prasad did a nice job aggregating data from 373 (mostly developer) interviews done by The Setup, which asks professionals about the hardware and software tools they use in their day-to-day work.  It definitely gave me some ideas for new tools to try out, or confirmed my current choices (like SublimeText 2).

Things I Wish I had Known About Angular
Angular.js is incredibly popular right now.  It just surpassed backbone.js and vim for the number of questions on StackOverflow, if that’s any indication.  It looks like this developer had to spend a lot of time refactoring.  So, it looks like you should definitely get your hands on every Angular.js resource that you can before you dive in.  And of course, read this blogger’s post so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Everybody Does Not Need To Code
Another developer wrote a post like Jeff Atwood’s article on the crusades to push coding skills to everyone.

Pure CSS Modules
More pretty CSS components for your web design pleasure!

John Ousterhout’s Software Design Philosophy
Some really great tips for building clean, simple and understandable software.  And it’s less than a page!

Getting Ready for JavaScript Destructuring Assignment
ECMAScript 6’s destructing assignment feature is already mostly supported in Firefox, and Chrome and other browser’s will soon follow.  Get familiar with this new feature as soon as you can.

Compare Anything to Anything
diffen.com is a new utility that looks just like a search engine, except you type in two things and it will find any comparable criteria and display them.  Try apples and oranges, ruby and python, and then try two things that aren’t very comparable.


The Zero Theorem
Terry Gilliam’s upcoming movie has a funny plot that I think developers will be interested in:
“A computer hacker's goal to discover the reason for human existence continually finds his work interrupted thanks to the Management [played by Matt Damon]; this time, they send a teenager and lusty love interest to distract him.”

Random Information Security Position Name Generator
Some good ones include: “Principal  Information Security Assurance Director” and “Chief Data Security Administrator”.


Being Cryogenically Frozen Costs Less Than an Electric Car
I’ve always wondered why people want to be frozen after they're dead and not before?  Do they really think someone will be able to bring them back to life in the future?

The Amazing Stack-Building Printer
This could be pretty awesome for some industries, but I think large industrial printers are probably more efficient than this.  I don’t think most people will need this often enough for personal work or projects.  It’s still cool though.

Secure your Java app or API service quickly and easily with Okta's user authentication and authorization libraries. Developer accounts are free forever. Try Okta Instead.


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