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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 10)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 10)

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Honeymooning with a DZone Shirt
Let’s play spot the DZone “<dev>” t-shirt again.  First picture … there it is!  In addition to honeymoons, you can also wear the DZone shirt to conferences, block parties, while saving a puppy and for Mt. Everest expeditions.  Congratulations to DZone MVB Matt Raible and his wife, Trish!  

Another WebSocket Gaming Masterpiece
You’ve probably seen games like Bombermine and BrowserQuest.  This month, I found another awesome completely-browser-based-via-HTML5-WebSockets gaming experience: It’s a good ol’ fashioned dungeon crawler.

Stack Exchange’s DevOps Tools
Puppet?  Chef?  Not a chance. Stack Exchange has its own homegrown set of tools for IT/Sysadmin/Ops/DevOps tasks.

The First Haskell-Specific IDE
Haskell developers are still a pretty small segment of the overall industry, but I thought this was pretty interesting news.


The CSS Animation Cheat Sheet
Awesome resource!  Is that a drawing of (the other) Rick Ross’s head on the first page?

A DevOps-CM Tools Taste Test
Tools tasted include Puppet, Ansible, Chef, and SaltStack.

Homeopathic HTML Treatments
We're all pretty sure homeopathy doesn’t work in real life, but hear what Christian Heilmann has to say about using the concept for web development.

iOS 7’s Design - It’s Not Just About Being “Flat”
The iOS 7 release is mere hours away.  Here’s why the UI redesign is more complex than you think.


GitHub Office Builds Replica of White House’s Oval Office
I’ve got to visit GitHub’s office sometime.  Look for the link to the company's entire office tour.  I adore GitHub's quirky sense of humor.  There are even … drum roll, please ... real Octocat oil paintings!

Name That Programming Language!
I like the idea for this game.  It’s a little poorly executed, though.  It took me several minutes to figure out how to use it.  After you forfeit, you just have to refresh.


Elon Musk is Tony Stark/Iron Man
After seeing the motion sensing interface that Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man movies, Elon musk created his own.  Doesn’t surprise me.

Arduino for JavaScript
The Espruino microcontroller has already beaten its KickStarter fundraising goal with plenty of time to spare.  Check it out and contribute if you want one! 

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