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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 23)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 23)

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Fox News Tries to Explain GitHub


Upsource: Project Navigation Magic from JetBrains
JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ IDEA, create some of the most amazing development tools (e.g. RubyMine, ReSharper, PyCharm, etc.).  This new browser-based code navigator might just blow your mind.

WebGL 2.0 Awaited Features
Here’s a guide to everything that the new WebGL 2.0 standard for web graphics is bringing.

Bjanre Stroustrup Keynote on C++
The creator of C++ looks at the essence of C++ and where it’s going.

Vex: Awesome JavaScript Dialogs
Check out the demo for this and you'll never want to use another type of JS dialog again.


Google: GPAs Don’t Matter and We’re Going to Stop the Puzzlers
A recent interview with the hiring managers at Google revealed some of their new data on whether GPAs are a good predictor of whether someone will be a great employee.  Spoiler: they’re not.  And Google also thinks that their brain teasers during interviews weren’t helping either.

5 Unix Commands You Need to Remember

This developer wishes he had known how effective these five Unix commands were back in his early days of programming.

The WebRTC Compatibility Chart

If you’re wondering which browsers have the best support for WebRTC, and you’re also trying to figure out how far along the standard is in being generally accepted, then look no further.

A Comprehensive Comparison of MySQL and PostgreSQL

There’s a new Wiki Vs page that provides a deep comparison of the performance, features, ACID compliance and culture of MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Funny Commit Messages Never get Old
Keep refreshing this page to see a never-ending string of commit messages that cracked me up.

Do You Remember INTERCAL? The Polite Programming Language

I recently was introduced to a quirky little programming language called “INTERCAL.”  My favorite feature was the PLEASE keyword.  If it doesn’t appear often enough, the program will be considered insufficiently polite.  A program can also be rejected if it’s too polite.


Google’s Add-on for Raspberry Pi
Google just released a cool add-on for RaspberryPi called “Coder,” which essentially lets you do web development on Raspberry Pi very seamlessly.  It turns Raspberry Pi into a personal web server.

The Floating Point Conversion Bug That Destroyed Ariane
I found this interesting story about the Ariane rocket, which exploded seconds after launch because of a software bug, costing the European Space Agency about $7 billion.  You can read more about the bug if you follow the link.

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