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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 30)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 30)

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Hotspot JVM Removing Permanent Generation
Here’s some less-touted news coming around the time of the JavaOne conference.  This probably has more of an immediate effect on Java developers than many other JavaOne topics.

Here Comes Ruby 2.1
There’s going to be interesting changes across the board for Ruby developers.  The first preview was recently lanuched.  There will be syntax changes and VM changes among other things.

Proper CSS Layout Mechanisms
This project on GitHub is going to help web developers keep their CSS clean and hack-free now that the Flexbox standard is going mainstream.

Google’s Hummingbird Search Algorithm Has Taken Flight

Looks like Google did a sneaky update to their algorithm.  This time they’re focused on answering searches framed as a question.

PyCharm Gets Free Version!
JetBrains’ Python IDE just became available in a free community edition.  Python developers rejoice!  Now hopefully they will do this for RubyMine.


Worst... Project... Ever…
Hear how a programmer had the worst experience of his career in 1995 working with a disorganized and bureaucratic financial company for a flat fee.

8 Billion Monthly Pages and 45K Requests a Second w/ Django

Web frameworks tend to be slow when they are more robust and full-featured.  How did Disqus remedy that?  A beautiful little caching tool called Varnish.

Using R to Find the Most Concave US State

This was a fun little project for all the geography nerds out there.

Many Pros Still Write Bad CSS

A recent blog lays out how several companies like Mixpanel and Hubspot could improve their CSS.

Ansible vs. Shell Scripts
If you haven’t taken a look at the open source deployment tool, Ansible, you really ought to read this article and see where it fits in.


Don’t Forget to Sing “Ave Maria”

Someone is Dedicated…


Who Touched the Thermostat!!
The smart-thermostat company, Nest, is preparing an API so that developers can integrate climate controls with other ‘smart’ systems into centralized applications.  Now hacker dads everywhere will not only know who touched the thermostat, but also who forgot to turn off the lights.  Although, I guess the lights will turn themselves off.

P.S.  This is the company that Paul Graham crushed on Twitter for not working in the YCombinator office, then he took it back.

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer

I can’t wait to see if this improves the hardware we can make!

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