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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 7)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 7)

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Berners-Lee, W3C Target DRM for HTML 5.1
In what looks like an attempt to get content providers like Hulu and Netflix to be more comfortable streaming their video with web standards, the W3C is approving the work on the Encrypted Media Extension (EME) proposal to bring DRM into HTML.  The EFF is “deeply disappointed” by this decsion, and the effect it could have on the openness of the web.

RAML: The RESTful API Modeling Language

API design can be much better than it currently is in the industry.  RAML is a really neat solution to a lot of the current problems in the API ecosystem without being too strict.

Google Web Designer Enters Adobe Domain

Last week Google released the beta version of its free web animation and ad creation tool.  It’s clearly a competitor to Adobe Muse, but free.

Interactive Easing Functions CheatSheet

Drawing something in JavaScript?  Then you need to bookmark this.

The iOS 7 HTML5 Report Card

Sencha bloggers always do a great job with these reports.  This is the stuff that all web developers need to be aware of.


The Best List So Far of Children’s Programming Resources
This list also has some good resources for big kids too.  It’s wonderfully organized so I consider this “bookmarkable.”

The CS Interest Theory

Jason Hutchens has a theory.  There was a lot more interest in Computer Science in the 90’s, and he believes it was due to a proliferation of self-teaching devices like the Commodore 64 in the 80’s.  In the 90’s, computers started using more GUIs to hide their inner workings, so we became less interested in how computers worked.

Glow - An Idea for a Programming Language

David Fendrich believes that the gap between coding the details and describing the flow of a program is so large that his ideal programming language would keep these things conceptually separate.  This dream language would also be statically typed, with python-like syntax, strict evaluation, and garbage collection.

A Cogent Look at Amazon Redshift
Framed as Amazon’s PostgreSQL replacement, one company tells the nitty-gritty details of Amazon Redshift and why they switch from Postgres.

AngularJS is Awesome, But it’s Not All Rainbows and Butterflies

This article articulates a message very well that I’ve seen on several other blogs about AngularJS’s logarithmic learning curve.  It’s easy to get started with, but hard to master.


Did You See This at JavaOne?

If This Happens, Your Kid Might be a Programmer… Or a Computer


Building a Real Product With Arduino
I really need to look into Arduino.  See how small group of technologists created a really useful product for telling you to when to water your plants.

The 6-Second Toothbrush

Dentists have invented a toothbrush that can clean your teeth in 6 seconds because it is custom-made for each customer.  I want one.


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