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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 14)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 14)

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Groupon Moves from Rails to Node.js
Groupon has decided to move from what it calls a monolithic Rails frontend to a more modular, service-oriented, Node.js-based frontend.

Hands Down, the Best Markdown Editor I’ve Seen  
StackEdit is a new web-based markdown editor and document manager that has every convenient feature I could possibly think of.  You have to try it out to see why it’s so great.

4th Grader Shares Her Hackathon Experience
Her motivation is simply to be a great person, discover things, and show that girls can do anything.

Details About Twitter IPO Released
If you’re interested in the upcoming Twitter public offering, check out the documents that were just released.  If you think that Twitter stocks will do just as “bad” as Facebook’s did, then don’t bother.

SublimeGit: Like Penut Butter and Chocolate
A new, polished tool for bringing full-featured Git into SublimeText 2 and 3.


John Resig’s Women Who Code List
The creator of jQuery has an excellent new Twitter list of 270+ women in the development space that was just compiled last week.  It seems like an awesome resource to search for female conference speakers if you’re looking to diversify.

Starting Out With Web Components and Polymer.js
Polymer.js is pretty ‘bleeding-edge’ as far as web standards, but anything by Google is definitely worth a test drive.  

A Grad’s Experience Programmming for the Enterprise
The author says that this is not a generalization about all enterprise work environments, but don’t his experiences seem familiar?

1,897 D3.js Examples
More D3.js examples than you will ever need.  And they’re alphabetized.  

Bash Redirection Cheat Sheet
All on one page.  Print it out if you use these often.

A Pessemistic (but Sometimes True) Perspective on Coding
One programmer laments how little time is spent on new algorithms and how more time is spent on debugging, docs, and marketing.


Be an Elite Hacker Like You’ve Seen in the Movies!
This is changing my life right now.  It’s probably old to some of you, but I just found it.

XKCD on Functional Programming
The image title text says: “Functional programming combines the flexibility and power of abstract mathematics with the intuitive clarity of abstract mathematics.”


Paint Like a Boss Once Again
MacPaint has been resurrected by a web app called CloudPaint.  I’m sure this will be wonderfully nostalgic for some people.  Here’s a really cool story about Andy Warhol, John Lennon’s son, and MacPaint.

My New Favorite Noise Generation App
Some web developers recently put together a superb app for generating ambient sound.  It should be fun for audiophiles and general audiences alike.

Self-Healing Metal
I’ve also found self-healing metal :)

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