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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 21)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 21)

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Holy Crap!  He’s Wearing a DZone T-Shirt!

One of my old colleagues emailed me a link to a hot article last week in the tech sphere.  It was titled “ Why I’m Returning Google Glass” but that’s not important.  The most important aspect of this article is the picture of the author WHO IS WEARING THE DZONE “<dev>” T-SHIRT LIKE A BOSS!!  Ron Miller was a great contributor on DZone so we sent him an awesome shirt.  And now everyone who read that article is totally jealous.  If you really want one of these, consider becoming an MVB.

W3C Rejects a Do-Not-Track Proposal Because it Totally Misses the Point
Advertisers tried to slip a proposal into the W3C that would still allow them to profile users even if they ask not to be tracked.  It didn’t work.

NeDB: A DB Written Entirely in JavaScript

NeDB is a super-new, super-lightweight database that relies on the MongoDB API.  Think of it as a SQLite version of MongoDB.  Now, MongoDB and node.js fans will hopefully be able to achieve their ultimate dream of having a completely JavaScript-based stack, from the front-end, to the server, to the database.

InfiniteGraph 3.1 Released
The sturdy graph database from Objectivity just had a major new release.  Check out the new features.

Rumors of Morphia’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Morphia 0.101, a lightweight type-safe library for mapping Java objects to/fromMongoDB, was just updated after a little hiatus by developers at 10gen like the amazing Trisha Gee.  If you’ve used JPA before, you should feel comfortable with Morphia.


Why Are Mobile Apps So Slow?

A massive, research-based review of mobile performance. Bookmark material for sure.

John Resig Lauds Gittip

The jQuery creator has given his latest blog endorsement to a new model for funding open source projects.

Packer: A Config Management Godsend
This tool has been getting a lot of buzz, especially in DevOps circles, because it can use one source of configuration for machine images and spin up identical images tailored for multiple platforms like AWS, Virtual Box, VMware, and more.

How to Build a Clean, RESTful ASP.NET Web API Service

There’s a lot of bloat in the average VisualStudio Web API project.  This post (which is part of a series) aims to clean up these projects.

VisualStudio vs. Eclipse

Jeff Cogswell compares the de facto .NET IDE to the most popular Java IDE.  Totally different worlds.  Is this an apples to oranges comparison?

Wonderful NLP Demos
Natural language processing demos courtesy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Purely Functional Data Structures in Clojure
You ought to be reading this blog if you are interested in Clojure and functional programming.

High Performance Lessons from Facebook
In case you missed the CNS lecture series, here are some detailed notes about the presentation by Facebook technology VP, Jeff Rothschild, entitled “High Performance at Massive Scale: Lessons Learned at Facebook”

A Jumble of Advice About Finding and Interviewing For Tech Jobs

A bunch of comments came up on this HN thread.  Some of the advice is conflicting, but it might be worth a peek for some of the good comments.  If you don’t want to sift to find good advice, I’d suggest you check out Dave Fecak’s blog and his new book.


All of the Best Lorem Ipsum Generators
We’ve introduced you to lorem ipsum generators like “Hipster Ipsum” and “Bacon Ipsum”, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Prepare to bookmark this site because all the ipsums are that good.  Also, check out Raymond Camden’s post showing how he easily rolled his own ipsum using node.js.

F*@# Off-as-a-Service

If you haven’t seen this, take a look and have a good laugh.  They really have created everything as a service.


10 Most Epic Design Failures

You may remember some of these awful gadget and website designs.  You’re going to love the first image on the page of an elephant statue with a slide coming out of its butt.

Trinity College Scientists Finally Witness the Decades-Long Drop
I heard a story about this on RadioLab last month.  It looks like last week was the moment of triumph for the scientists who wanted to see a drip of pitch fall.  After missing several drips between now and 1944, scientists finally videotaped a drip of pitch falling from a funnel.

Pokemon on Python
A cool github project called Pyllet Town (you’ll get the reference if you’ve played the game) is a TMX based demo of the original Pokemon games.

These Are Some Sexy Programmer T-Shirts
I just found this beta e-store called Dev Tees.  The few designs they have look pretty good.

Upcoming Events

Registration now Open for JavaOne 2013 and Oracle OpenWorld
The popular conference will be held September 22-26, and registration is now open!

UX Week 2013
UX Week is one of the most prominent events for UX designers and developers. It will be held August 20-23 in San Francisco. 

PyCon UK 2013
If you're a Python developer living in the UK, you should check this out on September 20-23.

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