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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 29)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (July 29)

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Android 4.3 Rundown, Nexus 7 Released

The wait for the Jelly Bean update is over (unless your handset maker drags its feet on updating you)!  As you’d expect from Android, the new tools for developer customization are very deep with this release.  You should also take a look at the newly unveiled Nexus 7.

A Sweet Regex Crafting Site
regex101.com has been revamped and now looks like the most beautiful web app I’ve seen for creating, testing and having your regular expressions explained.

Tim Berners-Lee’s Testimony Crushes Patent Dangerous to the Web

In his first ever court appearance to testify against the validity of a software patent, Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee was the final piece of testimony that finally buried the Eolas patent.  The Eolas patent attempted to claim credit as being the first instance of sharing data over a network.

A Heated Discussion About SDN as Intel Enters the Market
Anyone following the Software Defined Networking movement ought to check out this news and discussion around the hot topic.

Redis Creator Explains the Redis-Based Twilio Failure
Twilio recently had a major bug wreak havoc with their billing system.  The cause?  A Redis server.  The creator of Redis explains what went wrong.


An AI for Network Congestion Control

MIT has a neat paper and some pretty graphs posted about a new project called “Remy” that creates congestion control algorithms that plug into TCP and “achieve higher performance and greater fairness than the most sophisticated human-designed schemes.”

Practical Typography
This Web book is a clear addition to the list of essential resources for any web developer or designer.

The Pure Bliss of a Tidy Codebase
This is a superb blog with superb advice: clean as you code.

Yes, I Want Airline Websites to be Like This!
The design firm that brought a major resdesign to usatoday.com just unveiled a phenominal new vision for travel sites.  It certainly made me want to do some travelling.  This is what I think of when I imagine the bleeding edge of web dev/design.

Any Java or C++ Developers Want to Learn Ada?
I’d like to see more resources like this PDF linked to in this title.  It’s always easier and faster to learn a new language when you know how to translate your existing knowledge of loops, objects, functions, etc. over to a new language.

Angular.js for the jQuery User
Another ‘translation’ style resource in the form of a StackOverflow answer.  Learn how to start ‘thinking in Angular’ even if you’re used to jQuery.

Hackers Can Take Road Rage to a Whole New Level

This fascinating piece features a couple of coders who laid out all of the potential problems you could cause in a modern car.


F*ck You, Pay Me
An inspiring, empowering session:

Pissing Contests in Devland
After reading that Zed Shaw wouldn’t be doing conferences because he and a developer got into a fight, I later read an article from another developer about how he and Zed got into a big argument on twitter.  All I could think was, “Really guys?  You’re grown ass men. Calm down.”


If the Earth Stood Still

This article shows what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning.  Let’s Just say Canada and Russia wouldn’t be too happy with the result.

A 3D-Printed Robot Can Crack Your Phone’s Pin

This article has some video of a typing robot that can guess your smartphone’s pin code in under 20 hours.  It’s not the most practical method, but it only cost $300.

New Experiments Stops Light For One Minute
Scientists in Germany have broken the record for the amount of time they’ve contained light in an object before it shoots out again.  They’ve done it using a special opaque crystal.


Wharton Web Conference - July 30
If you're in the Philadelphia area this week, check out the Wharton Web Conference, the theme this year being "Changing the Way You Think."

An Event Apart DC - August 5-7
An Event Apart DC 2013 is coming up soon. An Event Apart is "an intensely educational learning session for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design."


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