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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (May 28)

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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (May 28)

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Pre-orders start today for Flame, the Firefox OS developer phone 

To standardize the design, development, and testing of Firefox OS, Mozilla has partnered with a company called T2Mobile to manufacture, distribute, and update a Firefox OS reference phone called the Flame. Until now, there has been no “reference device” and the options for getting something through retail were limited.

 Perl v5.20 - what you need to know 
Perl 5.20 is expected to drop sometime this week – PerlTricks put together this handy list of summaries of headline changes.

Googlebot's recent improvements might revolutionize web development 

Googlebot is apparently much better at parsing JavaScript than many of us were aware - to the point where single page apps without a server-side HTML alternative now seem to be possible, even when SEO is important.


A Hacker's Guide to Git 

Git is currently the most widely used version control system in the world, mostly thanks to GitHub. This developer put together a pretty great guide to cover all of the basics.

Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices 
As technology accelerates,  tons of hardware startups are coming out of the woodwork. In this exclusive First Round Review interview, MacBeth offers tactics for how these companies can capture people’s imagination and create truly world-class products.

A Meta-Law to Rule Them All: Physicists Devise a “Theory of Everything” 

In a May 23 paper, physicists are aiming to find a framework that could encompass all physical theories by determining a set of overarching “meta-laws” that describe what can happen in the universe and what is forbidden. Constructor theory claims its first success toward that goal by unifying the two separate theories that are currently used to describe information processing in macroscopic, classical systems as well as in subatomic, quantum objects.


Kids React to Old Computers 

In a world where technology is evolving every minute, it's easy to forget that the landscape was vastly different one, five or ten years ago. Watching today's kids on iPads and other mobile devices is a lesson in humility, but seeing them try to navigate the home computers of yesteryear? Hilarious.

I Tasted BBQ Sauce Made By IBM's Watson, And Loved It 
There is a lot of talk on the Internet lately about Soylent, the meal-replacement powder engineered by tech entrepreneur, but what about food created by robots? This journalist recounts his experience with a BBQ sauce algorithmically formulated by IBM's Watson. Maybe the future of food isn't people, but robot chefs!


Build your very own drink mixing robot! (part 1) 

Speaking of robot chefs, here's part one of a handy how-to for creating your own robotic bartender. Even if you don't have the materials, it's worth checking out the Bar Mixvah to see an interesting take on solving your mixed drink needs. 

Introduction to Dogescript (wow very dogescript tutorial)  

Very code. Much wow. Dogescript is the cutest language; it cross-compiles with Javascript and promises to make your day a little more wow. This fairly easy-to-dig-into guide also includes a couple of projects implemented in Dogescript – don't forget to check them out. 

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