DZone’s Newest Zone: Introducing the AI Zone

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DZone’s Newest Zone: Introducing the AI Zone

The future is here. We're proud to introduce the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Zone, which goes beyond the buzz and provides practical applications of chatbots, deep learning, neural networks, and more.

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Data, Hal 9000, MUTHR.  A new paradigm is emerging. It is one we have predicted for decades, theorized about endlessly, and anticipated anxiously. It has been slowly building to an inflection point, like a pot about to boil, and its surface tension is beginning to break.

Yes, I’m talking about Artificial Intelligence.

Developers have long envisioned a world where computers approach intelligence, where they are more than dumb terminals accepting input and running very specific commands. It is one of the main reasons why I got into programming and I would wager that it is at least partially at the heart of why nearly every developer started programming.  It is the beginning of an era of true innovation and endless possibilities that stand to throw your assumptions out the window. It introduces a whole new way of interacting with devices and bringing about a new age of computing.

Okay, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but the truth of the matter is that AI is beginning to present challenges and opportunities that are magnitudes greater than before. There are an endless set of questions to consider before we reach a general purpose artificial intelligence – including those that are technical, philosophical, and ethical.  While we may be a long way off from Hal 9000 navigating our cruiser through deep space (or even curating all the content at DZone :)), it’s hard not to get excited by the fact that Artificial Intelligence has firmly planted itself into the realm of practical application.

At DZone, our mission is to “make life better by sharing knowledge,” and we do that at DZone.com by finding and sharing great content that helps developers do their jobs better and advance in their careers.  We focus on the practical aspect of development day in and day out and that’s why, today, we’re launching our newest, AI Zone. We’ll be finding high quality, practical content about AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, and other related topics in an effort to help make AI approachable to every developer.

I believe that our topic coverage of AI is going to make the new AI Zone one of our fastest growing zones, and I’m excited that DZone can help make AI approachable. I hope that you’ll join me in welcoming AI as the newest member of the DZone family.  Help us by joining our Zone Leaders in collaborating with the authors, participating in the community, and sending us suggestions on how we can use AI to improve DZone.  To get started, check out some of these great articles we’ve already published in the new AI Zone:

Thank you and welcome! 

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