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DZone’s Newest Zone: Introducing the Security Zone!

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DZone’s Newest Zone: Introducing the Security Zone!

DZone's newest Zone provides a place to stay on top of industry best practices for securing your applications and the machines that run them.

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Discover how to provide active runtime protection for your web applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities including Remote Code Execution Attacks.

Hello DZoners!

For those of you that have been around a while, you know that DZone has been devoted to providing the best free content on a variety of topics that are most important to software professionals. Today we are happy to announce that we will be extending our coverage to all things Security, which you will find in our new Security Zone.

Why Are We Opening This Zone?

Our decision to launch a new Zone comes from an increasing relevance among our readers and demand for the most timely and useful information around developing with security in mind.

I think Paul (DZone’s Director of Systems Operations) put it best in his opening note in our 2016 Guide to Security:

“At the core of a working global Internet is Information security, and without it we couldn’t all occupy such a rich infrastructure.”

It is our hope that this new Zone will provide you with a place to hone your knowledge about keeping your applications, infrastructure, and information safe, and keep you prepared for the many challenges being presented by the connected world.

What Will the Security Zone Cover?

Broadly, the Zone will cover topics related to securing applications and the machines that run them. The goal of the Zone is to help prepare the people who make and support those applications stay up to date on industry best practices, remain aware of new and omnipresent threats, and help them to think “security-first.”

We have already filled the portal with great content from our community and are also excited to have industry leaders Waratek and Immunio join us as partners in launching the Security Zone and leading the way providing insightful content.

What’s Next?

We will rely on feedback from the community to determine what content is most relevant, so if you have anything you would like covered, you can say so in the comments, via email at info@dzone.com, or even by sharing your own insights on the topic by authoring an article!

Kellet Atkinson
Director of Marketing

Find out how Waratek’s award-winning application security platform can improve the security of your new and legacy applications and platforms with no false positives, code changes or slowing your application.

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