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DZone's Top 5 Agile Articles of 2011

· Agile Zone

Learn more about how DevOps teams must adopt a more agile development process, working in parallel instead of waiting on other teams to finish their components or for resources to become available, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies.

This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These Agile articles were chosen by popularity and quality of content.

Top 5 Agile  articles of 2011

10 Mistakes That Software Team Leads Make

I hate pair programming (and your code and you)

Problems with Agile? Check your Culture!

DZone at Agile 2011: A Manifesto Signatories Q&A

Striking a Balance: Let Scrum Die

Discover the warning signs of DevOps Dysfunction and learn how to get back on the right track, brought to you in partnership with CA Technologies.


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