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DZone's Top Articles of 2011

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DZone's Top Articles of 2011

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This week, DZone has gathered together its top articles in every major topical area.  These were chosen based popularity and quality of content.   If you missed any of these, or you want to revisit some of the comments, now is a great time to check them out again.


Why Java Developers Hate JavaScript

How I Like My Java

Installing Java 7 on Mac OS X

Using Java 6 Processors in Eclipse

How to get C like performance in Java

The Logging Mess

Java Collection Performance


HTML5 Zone - A Dojo for Web Ninjas

Douglas Crockford Answers DZone's Questions on JavaScript

HTML5 gets a logo, but isn't ready yet as a final product

Introduction to the HTML5 Web Workers: the JavaScript multithreading approach

JavaScript does not need classes

Web Gaming Technologies: Angry Birds' Cross-compiled Java Versus Native JavaScript

How to use ExtJS 4 + JQuery together


Fun With WebMatrix Helpers in ASP.NET MVC 3

Posting from ASP.NET WebForms page to another URL

JavaScript for C# developers: the Module Pattern (part 1)

Visual Studio async CTP with Silverlight

Linqer – a nice tool for SQL to LINQ transition

Ruby and Python

Track your home's live electricity usage with Python

Django concurrency, database locking and refreshing model objects

Best Practices for Vendoring Ruby Gems

Python vs Ruby: Maintainability

Ruby On NetBeans Lives!


10 Mistakes That Software Team Leads Make

I hate pair programming (and your code and you)

Problems with Agile? Check your Culture!

DZone at Agile 2011: A Manifesto Signatories Q&A

Striking a Balance: Let Scrum Die


5 Key Events in the history of Cloud Computing

SQL vs NoSQL in the Cloud: Which Database Should You Choose?

101 Thoughts about the "Cloud Foundry" Announcement

Live at Cloud Connect 2011 - DZone Shares the Experience

Amazon Should Pull Plug Regularly to Show Which Companies Do Not Have It Together

Developing and Testing in the Cloud

Thoughts on how Cloud Computing will impact tech jobs


NoSQL explained correctly (finally)

NOSQL Patterns

Martin Fowler on Polyglot Persistence

Basic Mistakes in Database Testing

The joy of algorithms and NoSQL: a MongoDB example

NoSQL Job Trends – August 2011

Don’t Use MongoDB?

MongoDB Is a Tool, Not THE Tool

MySQL vs. Neo4j on a Large-Scale Graph Traversal


What new feature in PHP 5.4 is the most important to you?

Can you use PHP without frameworks nowadays?

Profiling a PHP Application

5 things that PHP envies Java for

And now instead, 5 things Java envies PHP for

Practical PHP Refactoring: Hide Delegate

WebMatrix: Why PHP Developers Should Pay Attention


Lucene's FuzzyQuery is 100 times faster in 4.0

Solr + Hadoop = Big Data Love

Apache Solr: Get Started, Get Excited!

Lucene performance with the PForDelta codec

Top Three Drivers of Solr Adoption

Should I Deploy Solr 4.0?


22 Tutorials for HTML5 Mobile Web Development

Developing Android Apps with NetBeans, Maven, and VirtualBox

Overview of HTML5 Support in the Android 4.0 Browser

Invoke Web Services from Android

How you can add custom ringtones to your Windows Phone 7 from your app (w/out Marketplace)

Build Your First Silverlight Application for Windows Phone 7


The 7 levels of continuous integration

What Is This DevOps Thing, Anyway?

Developers Must Feel the Pain of Operations

Using Vagrant as a Team

8 Principles of Continuous Delivery

Big Data

Big Data, Big Competition: LexisNexis To Release Hadoop Competitor

What is the Next, Next Big Thing?

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