DZone's Zone Leader Spotlight – Dave Fecak

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DZone's Zone Leader Spotlight – Dave Fecak

We're shining our spotlight on members of our new Zone Leader Program—topic experts and practitioners writing articles and steering DZone's content focus. This week we talk to Dave Fecak, prolific blogger and geek career advisor.

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Background: What is a Zone Leader? 

Recently I've taken charge on what I think is a great opportunity for writers and topic experts in the devsphere—our new Zone Leader Program. In a nutshell, the Zone Leader Program is an effort to put topic experts and practitioners in the software industry at the helm of the content we publish on DZone. A sizeable portion of the content you've been reading on DZone recently has actually been written or published by Zone Leaders!

If you're interested in learning more and maybe being a Zone Leader yourself, shoot me an email.

Dave FecakA Conversation with Dave Fecak

Recently I spoke with new Zone Leader Dave Fecak. Dave has run the popular blog Job Tips for Geeks for some time now, helping developers launch and accelerate their careers. He also organized and ran the Philadelphia Area Java Users' Group for the previous 15 years. 

I asked Dave a few questions about himself. 

Dave, what's your background?

"My background is that I’ve always been interested in technology, and I grew up on a block with two Princeton University professors who had computers in their home well before most of the general public. My mother was a special education teacher who also taught programming at a Radio Shack part-time, so we had early TRS-80 computers, Atari 1040s, and whatever we could afford. After I graduated college I was recruited into a recruiting job and have done it ever since. I started the Philadelphia Area Java Users' Group in 2000 and ran it until earlier this year."

What have you been working on lately? 

"Lately I’ve been working on training a new researcher for my recruiting firm, helping Philly and NYC area startups hire dev, my Zone Leader responsibilities, helping moderate /r/cscareerquestions on Reddit, training for (hopefully) a marathon next year, and finalizing the adoption of a baby."

What are your other interests and passions?

"Crossword puzzles, word games, sudoku, kenken, running, video production, and playing guitar and piano around the house. In addition to my adopted 8 month old daughter, I have an 11 year old daughter with rather severe autism and I am passionate about advocating for special needs children and hopefully dispelling some myths about those with special needs."

Why are you a Zone Leader?

"I’m a Zone Leader because I’ve been a reader and supporter of DZone and Javalobby since the early days, and I believe the technical community benefits greatly from DZone’s content. I find that there is a percentage of the tech community that pays little attention to developments in the software business, and often these people struggle when it comes to finding new work. Having strong content on DZone and building the audience will help make software engineers better at their jobs, and we’ll all benefit."

Thanks, Dave!

Follow Dave on Twitter, follow Job Tips for Geeks on Twitter, and connect with Dave on LinkedIn. Check out Dave's recent articles on DZone

More Information

Want to learn more about the Zone Leader Program, or wondering if it's right for you? Send me an email, tell me a little bit about yourself, and let's chat! 

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