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DZone's Zone Leader Spotlight – John Vester

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DZone's Zone Leader Spotlight – John Vester

This week I'm shining the spotlight on John Vester, a new Zone Leader here at DZone.

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Background: What is a Zone Leader? 

Recently I've taken charge on what I think is a great opportunity for writers and topic experts in the devsphere—our new Zone Leader Program. In a nutshell, the Zone Leader Program is an effort to put topic experts and practioners in the software industry at the helm of the content we publish on DZone. A sizeable portion of the content you've been reading on DZone recently has actually been written or published by Zone Leaders!

If you're interested in learning more and maybe being a Zone Leader yourself, shoot me an email.

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John recently joined us as a Zone Leader. He's published some interesting articles, such as "Into the Development Time Machine," "Interview Advice...From Both Sides of the Table," and "ScrumDude, to ScrumMom, to Scrum Master."

John has over 20 years in application development, project management, system administration, and team supervision. He currently focuses on application development within an Angular/REST environment based upon J2EE. I asked John a few questions about himself.

What's your background?

"I originally started college at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA studying music production and engineering.  My principle instrument is the piano and I wanted to be the next Quincy Jones.  Turns out, a lot of people wanted to be the next Quincy Jones at the time.  

"So, I transferred to another university and worked on getting a degree in Business Management.  To make some extra money, I started working in the computer lab, which was built from PC-based computers running an early version of NetWare.  When I graduated college, I had quite a bit of PC and networking knowledge, PC programming and a business degree.  It was the right mix for the time and I wound up with a great job at an insurance company.

"For the last 24 years I have served in various roles of Information Technology (application development, project management, system administration and team supervision).  About half of my career has been in a professional services/consulting role, with the remainder working as a full-time employee at some well known corporations."

What have you been working on lately?

"I am currently working on an integration project between a cloud-based CRM application and a few internal systems.  This is my first real venture into using an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to handle the integration and it has been quite exciting.  Prior to this project, my team was working on an application based-upon Java (8) and Angular JS.  I am slowly moving from the role of Development Lead to Scrum Master, which is an exciting change for me ... and the reason for some of my articles on DZone."

What are you other interests and passions?

"I enjoy spending time with my wife and our blended family.  My wife and I have a focus on staying in shape, working out between 3 - 5 times a week.  Since we met not too long ago, my mission is to make-up for lost time by making the most of every moment we get to spend together.  I find it amazing how much value one can get out of life when spending it with your ideal match.  I feel blessed.

"I still play the piano from time to time, often resorting to composing something new. During the fall, I am volunteer coach for a local high school's football program, handling the media-related functions.  

"Of course, I love to write."

Why did you become a Zone leader?

"As noted above, I love to write ... especially about technology.  When Allen Coin and I started talking about the Zone Leader program, I could not wait to participate as it was exactly the outlet I was seeking.  Allen offers the freedom I enjoy, while providing the platform to distribute my thoughts.  It is a writer's dream ... at least in my view. "

Thanks, John!

You can connect with John on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter

More Information

Want to learn more about the Zone Leader Program, or wondering if it's right for you? Send me an email, tell me a little bit about yourself, and let's chat! 

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