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Early JavaOne 2012 Abstract Acceptances

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Early JavaOne 2012 Abstract Acceptances

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An early look at the types of sessions we can expect at JavaOne 2012 is now available with news getting out about which abstracts have been accepted and which have been declined. In this post, I look at some of the early announcements from people who have reported their abstracts being accepted. Twitter #JavaOne is one of the best sources for early information on accepted (and declined) JavaOne presentations and much of the early details are available there.

Mobile development seems to be a big theme for JavaOne 20212. @MichaelSamarin announced that "Java for Mobile Devices: New Horizons with Fantastic New Devices" has been accepted. Jay Balunas announced acceptance of "Front-to-Back Security for Mobile, HTML5, and Java EE Applications." Vinicius tweeted that his session "about using your old Java ME phone to build robots and cool hacking" was accepted.

Adam Bien reports on four Java EE-related sessions accepted for JavaOne 2012: "Interactive On-Stage Java EE Overengineering," "Stress-Testing Java EE 6 Applications Without Stress," "Building Serious JavaFX 2 Applications," and "Java EE 6/7: The Lean Parts." Andrew Lee Rubinger will be presenting two sessions on Java EE. Lincoln Baxter III will be presenting on JBossForge. Marc Teutelink has announced acceptance of "Enterprise Search in Action."

Mohamed Taman writes that two Java SE 7/NIO presentations and a JavaFX presentation have been accepted. Andres Almiray and Peter Pilgrim have announced the selection of three presentations on JavaFX and rich clients.

Marcus Lagergren will be speaking on "dynamic languages on the JVM" and promises the talk to be advanced.

The Java REST framework Forest will be the subject of a presentation at JavaOne 2012. A session on Eclipse DBWS will be presented by Lonneke Dikmans. Scala and Play fans will be pleased to hear that the abstract "Modern Java Web Development with Play Framework 2.0" was accepted.

At JavaOne 2011, I attended several sessions related to Java performance and Java command-line options. Staffan Larsen reports that "Diagnosing Your Application on the JVM" has been accepted for JavaOne 2012.

Mark Stephens has blogged about the BOF "Lessons Learned in Writing a PDF-to-JavaFX Converter for NetBeans" being accepted. Cross-build injection attacks is the subject of another accepted JavaOne 2012 abstract.

Of course, you cannot have a software development conference in 2012 without talk of the cloud and it has been announced that there will be a session "How we took our server-side application to the Cloud and liked what we got."

With only a small subset of JavaOne 2012 acceptances being publicly announced at this time, there is already a wide variety of interesting topics available.

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