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EaSynth Releases ForeUI V2.57

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EaSynth Releases ForeUI V2.57

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EaSynth company has released ForeUI V2.57 on November 22nd, 2010.  This is a regular biweekly release of ForeUI, which is a powerful UI prototyping tool to visualize your idea and create DHTML simulation for website/application in your mind.  The prototype created with ForeUI will be skinnable and you can change its style by switching the UI theme.  You can specify the behavior of prototype by defining some flow charts to handle specific events.  The new release includes some new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Show/Hide the decoration of ComboBox element.
  • Enhancement: Remove the boundaries of inline editor (more space for tool buttons).
  • Enhancement: Improved Table Editor:
      Free editing mode
      Press ENTER or F2 to start grid editing
      Press TAB or Ctrl+ENTER to stop grid editing
  • Enhancement: When show up the text editor, select the editing text by default.
  • Enhancement: Do not close id editing dialog when previous input is not accepted.
  • Enhancement: Do not auto backup the plot until it is modified.
  • Enhancement: Remove the auto saved file when manual save is finished.
  • Enhancement: Prompt user to open the auto saved file when loading the original.
  • Bug_0251: Sometimes the cut command can not be undone.
  • Bug_0252: The floating tool pane for Arrow Line element is not shown from V2.47
  • Bug_0253: Move category up or down in the category management window, the tool buttons is not shown when mouse hovering on the custom element.
  • Bug_0254: Editing members in group will reset the Z value of the group.
  • Bug_0255: When dragging the embedded element within its container, should ignore the "Auto Adjust Z Value" option.
  • Bug_0257: The spinner control in floating tool pane is not activated when focus is gained via TAB key.
  • Bug_0258: The spinner to adjust border thickness should not be shown when border is not painted.
  • Bug_0259: Text box element with thick border has incorrect vertical alignment.
  • Bug_0260: Text box element with thick border will be enlarged in simulation.
  • Bug_0261: The decoration of ComboBox can not be fully hidden in Windows XP UI theme. 

ForeUI can be downloaded immediately at http://www.foreui.com/download.htm

ForeUI online demo (Java applet) can be accessed at http://www.foreui.com/demos/demo0/


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